Steps involved in producing a wood carving

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Roughing out the basic shape with a chainsaw:

c_prod_012.jpg (57926 bytes)
The rougher starts by squaring up and sizing the log to the overall dimension of the carving.

c_prod_013.jpg (59846 bytes)
Then the rougher begins to form the carving's side profile.

c_prod_011.jpg (55162 bytes)
The side profile is taking shape. Notice on the right, the base, feet and front of the legs are easily distinguished.

c_prod_015.jpg (69514 bytes)
More detail is added forming the front profile. The arms can be seen towards the right.


c_prod_003.jpg (77321 bytes)
The rough carving is almost done and ready for the hand work.


Carving the details with hand tools:

c_prod_009.jpg (58150 bytes)
This is the most time consuming part of the carving process, the hand work.


c_prod_006.jpg (51011 bytes)
Notice the tools near the carvers right hand.

c_prod_004.jpg (52580 bytes)
Might as  well get comfortable, he's going to be there for a while.

c_prod_008.jpg (43190 bytes)
The carving is fairly close to hand roughed and ready for the face.

c_prod_007.jpg (56604 bytes)
The face is being carved

c_prod_010.jpg (55034 bytes)

c_prod_001.jpg (59558 bytes)
More fine details are added

c_prod_002.jpg (53635 bytes)

c_prod_005.jpg (59022 bytes)

c_prod_016.jpg (32712 bytes)

Kiln drying the carvings before finishing:

c_prod_018.jpg (33719 bytes)
This is the kiln's firebox. The heated air is ducted into the kiln to dry the wood.

c_prod_019.jpg (37280 bytes)
Here, 40" carvings are racked above the heat ducts for even drying

c_prod_020.jpg (39969 bytes)
This image shows both 40" and 70" carbings being kiln dried.

Finishing the wood surfaces:

c_prod_021.jpg (36344 bytes)
Sanding is the final step in the finishing process.

c_prod_022.jpg (30600 bytes)

c_prod_023.jpg (24538 bytes)

Painting the finished carvings:

c_prod_024.jpg (28012 bytes)
Painting is a detailed time consuming process.

c_prod_025.jpg (21501 bytes)

c_prod_026.jpg (24726 bytes)

Adding the finishing touches to the painted surfaces:

c_prod_027.jpg (38942 bytes)
The final step is to slightly distress the surface for an authentic folk art look.

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