About S and S Machine

S and S Machine is an industrial machine shop located in Roseville, California. More specifically, we are a CNC (computer numerically controlled)  job shop which means that we manufacture custom precision machined parts to our customers specifications on computer controlled machine tools. S and S Machine has about 25 employees and a 17,000 square foot shop with about an additional 14,000 square feet of warehouse space about to be completed soon. We manufacture a wide range of items such as medical equipment parts, functional test fixtures for the electronics industry, aerospace parts, bicycle parts,  machinery parts and just about anything else you can imagine that is machined from metal or plastic. 

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Why would a machine shop be selling woodcarvings?

One would have to ask why would a person with a technical machining background be selling woodcarvings? It's simple, I (Steve Smilanick) have a passion for woodcarvings. For many years I have both carved wood and collected carvings done by others, especially wooden Indians. When I discovered these carvings, I knew they were outstanding works of art. I purchased one 40" Indian and one 70" Indian for myself and from that point on, I was hooked. A few days later, I went back to get another carving and learned that the importer was moving back to Thailand and that he would no longer be stocking carvings for sale in the US. At that moment, I had the urge to somehow get involved but resisted because my plate was already full. As time went on, several of my friends that saw them in my home liked them and wanted to buy one also. After several meetings with the former importer, we struck a deal for him to represent me in Thailand and before long, I was in the woodcarving import business.


What's so special about these carvings?

Since I have carved and been interested in woodcarving now for over 30 years and have collected wooden cigar store Indians for about 20 years, I know a good carving when I see one. The workmanship, facial features and expressions on these carvings are the best I have ever seen. The body details, including dress, are outstanding and the variety of styles offered  is second to none. The bottom line, I have never seen anything that comes even close to these carvings at any price (Compare our carvings to carvings done by Frank Gallagher). To be able to import these carvings and offer them at a reasonable price is nothing short of amazing and is something I'm excited to be able to do. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do.


Our own product for the bicycle industry:

We also have a product of our own called a BTC (Bicycle Torque Coupling). BTCs, which were invented and are produced at S and S Machine, allow a full size bicycle frame to be taken apart and packed into a case that travels as regular airline luggage. BTCs resulted from Steve's passion for cycling and his desire to take his bike with him on a Mediterranean cruise. We make BTCs out of several materials including, 17-4 PH stainless steel, 304 stainless, 7005 aluminum, 6AL/4V titanium and Chrome-Moly. 

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