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We design and build affordable full custom carbon fiber tandems. Full touring to full racing geometries are available and S & S BTC's™ can be included in your personalized design. All frames are design using AutoCAD and drawing plots are available (on a private web page or in hardcopy form) for customer verification prior to fabrication. Frames are fabricated from Nolimitz M50 carbon fiber tubing (fabricated to ariZona Tandem's specifications by Innovative Composite Engineering, Bingen, WA) and joined by ariZona's carbon fiber laminated joints. You may choose between simulated fillet brazing (required for BTC™ versions) or simulated classic lugs. Tube diameter and wall thickness are customized for customer size/weight and intended use. All tubes have "weave" finish although custom painting is available. Sizing for 700C or 26" wheels is available, as are 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" steerers. The stoker BB shell is carbon fiber with Paragon Machine Ti inserts. The eccentric is a Bushnell internal expanding type. Seat tubes will accommodate either 27.2 mm, 28.6 mm or 31.8 mm seat posts and all cable guides/stops are standard. Internal cable routing is available on standard or BTC™ versions. Carbon fiber vertical dropouts with Paragon Ti 6Al/4V inserts are standard.

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The thing that is most amazing about BTC™ is that they are like the electricity or water in your home. You never think about them. They have worked so well for me that they operate below the consciousness level. They are like the frame tubing on your bike. You just do not think about them after the first few miles on a new bike. A rider often has thoughts in the "back of his mind" about tires, crank arms, even his chain sometimes, but not about his tubing or couplers. Reliable, stiff, strong!

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ariZona Tandems a division of Zona Engineering and Development, LLC
8321 w. Foothill Dr.
Peoria, AZ

Voicemail: 623-566-1165 
Fax: 623-362-2520

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