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About Ted Wojcik:

With his multi-colored eyes, long gray beard and robust physique, Ted Wojcik (pronounced whoa-jik) looks to be a cross between a medieval magician, a motorcycle renegade and Santa Claus. Ted's custom made bicycles have gained a cult following. One look at them will tell you why.

Seldom is the line between art and science, form and function, yet in Ted's work, they are so completely merged. Near invisible welds fuse select butted steel tubing, and the only limitation on your paint job is your own imagination. 

Ted Wojcik has extensive engineering and mechanical experience. He worked on gas turbine engines and helicopter transmission systems sor the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. After an Honorable Discharge in 1970, Ted worked for several motorcycle specialty shops in New England. He became one of the leading motorcycle racers in New England competing on a national level. 

Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles got it's start when Ted met his future wife, Sue Abrahamson, an avid cyclist. At 5'2", she was having a hard time finding a bike that she could ride. Having already learned the art of motorcycle frame fabrication through his racing experience, Ted ordered tubing from a local bike shop to build his wife a bicycle.

Already an accomplished welder, Ted decided to try his hand at creating bicycle frames. Built in Ted's basement, the next frame was sold before it was completed. Ted figured this was a good sign so he made a few more frames, selling them locally. He worked out of his home until 1990 when he set up shop dedicated to producing more frames.

After 18 years of designing and manufacturing bicycle frames, Ted is revered as one of the masters of the trade. His bicycles have won medals at USCF championships, NORBA events, Tour Du Pont, the Pan-Am Games, and World Championship Track events. 

In 1996 Ted moved to his current shop located where we are today, in Hampstead, NH. We currently offer frames for all aspects of cycling in sizes to specifically suit your needs. Custom geometries are available as well as complete bikes with your custom picked component group. 

There are no two frames alike! They are considered by many to be works of art. Ted still cuts, welds, braises, and paints the frames by hand. Painstaking measures ensure that all of the bicycles that bear our name display the highest quality in precision craftsmanship. When not involved in the production of our bikes, Ted consults and does prototype work for other bike companies. Ted is also Dirt Rag's 'Manic Mechanic' offering rider insight to many technical bicycle questions. 

In Ted's free time, he can also be found riding his BMW motorcycle around, working on Hot Rods, or racing model cars and flying R/C airplanes with his son Cody. 

"I think it's best for riders to work with a local builder, because there's no substitute for that rapport," he says. " The best bicycles are made in America, and there's no doubt in my mind that alignment or accuracy of a frame is as important as the materials that go into it. Otherwise, why bother?" 



Rensport: Ted Wojcik road frames are engineered to reflect classic road geometries, giving the rider a high level of responsiveness and comfort. Ted uses an OS 1 1/8" top tube and 1 1/4" down tube for a stiffer front triangle for control during sprinting, while a more supple rear triangle delivers the feel and compliance for which we ride steel. 

Constructed with Reynolds 853 road tubing, the frames are T.I.G. welded with such precision that the finishing process yields a unique and artistically "clean" frame. The beauty is seen in the un-seen. No lugs means a noticeable weight savings, allowing for an average frame wight of around 3 1/2 pounds. If other materials, traditional lugged frames, or specifically tailored geometries are preferred or required, Ted's twenty years of building experience can handle any custom order. 


Due to numerous requests, Ted is offering a road frameset consturcted in the classic lugged tradition. This full custom frameset is available on a very limited basis. Call for more information!


Grand Touring frameset:  We are pleased to present the availability of true expedition type touring framesets. We will be building a few this season in the following sizes; 17, 19, 21, 23 and 25 inches. The 17 and 19 use 26" wheels. These are true touring frames! Braze-ons galore, low bottom bracket for easy 'foot down' at intersections, laid back angles and clearance for 700 x 38 (or narrow 26" in 17 and 19 inch size) tires and fenders. There has been almost a total absence of this type of frameset for sometime.


Soft Trac-Front Suspension Mountain Frame: The geometry and design philosophy built into the Soft Trac-Front Suspension mountain frame exemplifies East Coast craftsmanship at it's best. The design is steeper, higher and tighter, allowing the rider to respond without hesitation to rough and rutty, branch dodging East Coast trails.
The Soft Trac-FS is constructed with heat treated short butted steel tubing, crafted with immaculate welds, and finished with unparalleled quality. This lightweight frame will disappear beneath the rider. All Front Suspension frames currently built with Reynolds 853 tube sets.

Soft Trac-Dual Suspension Mountain Frame:  Our dual suspension frame for 1999 is the result of six years of development and testing. It is supplied with a Battle rear suspension system built with 6061-T6 heat treated aluminum and controlled by a Risse Genesis rear shock. The front triangle is constructed from Reynolds 853 tubing selected by frame size and rider weight. These frames are designed with XC use in mind and the geometry can actually be fine tuned for individual preferences. By varying rear shock spacing and fork travel, the rider can change fork angle and/or ride height to suit certain terrain. The frame is built with a long travel option available. 
Particular attention has been paid to the size and durability of pins and bushings for the rear suspension to make the system virtually maintenance free. This frameset is available in 11 sizes from 14 to 23 inches measured from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. We believe performance is based on proper fit as well as good equipment so the rider doesn't have to make any compromises or resort to costly custom sizing. Any Imron color is standard and many paint options are available for a truly one of a kind bike.


 That's Right! Ted makes everything, including beautiful Bicycle Trials machines. You can catch this one-off Modified bike rode by Kevin Brody of Team Wojcik. Kevin can be seen on the New England, New York, and National Trials Circut or at one of his Bicycle Trials Demonstrations across the United States. 


Call for details


Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles is the stop for any bicycle repair or welding needs. Any make or model of frame, whether it be professional frame straightening, or re-welding a damaged frame, no job is too big. After repairing your damaged frame you will more than likely be needing a touch-up! Contact us now for your repair estimate.


Well, if you answered YES to any of these questions, it looks like Ted and his crew are your answer! 
If you have a love of your life that needs a little make over, that is, give us a call!

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Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles
6 Gigante Drive
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Phone:  (603) 329-8057

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