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Here's what I aim for when building a frame, in order of importance. Of course, your preferences may vary from mine, and as long as I don't think you're asking for a frame that will get you killed, I'll build whatever your little heart desires!

•Reliability- To me, reliability means NEVER having to worry about your frame. I use the highest quality materials and processes to make sure every frame is rock solid. If you manage to break a Waltworks frame (in normal riding conditions!), your next one is on me. If you wrap your frame around a tree, I may be less sympathetic, but we'll figure out a way to get you back out on the trail.

•Fit- A fancy frame is no good if it doesn't fit you. I will NOT sacrifice fit for *anything* - not weight, not cost, not style. If you aren't in a good biomechanical position on your bike, 50 grams is not going to matter. If you're a big person, I'll build you a 29" wheel mountain bike. If you're little, I can make you a 24" mountain or 650c road frame. You will be  comfortable on your bike - which means that you'll go faster and have more fun.

•Ride- I'll build your bike to handle and feel the way you want it to. It's as simple as that. If you want a twitchy New England log-hopping devil bike, that's what I'll build you. If you want to cruise the Marin fire roads at 40 mph, I can build you a bike for that (or anything
in between) as well.

•Weight- Light is better than heavy. The lightest mountain frames I make are in the 3.5 pound range with all brazeons, water bottle bolts, and seat clamp. My "El Jefe" 29ers start at around 1750 grams (3.8 pounds) for a medium frame. There are lighter frames out there than mine, certainly, but my main emphasis is on perfect fit and ride characteristics. I'm not a fan of sacrificing handling or comfort for less weight, but that said, I make a concerted effort to use no unnecessary material

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Waltworks Custom Bicycles
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