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A handmade Vulcan Bicycle Works bike is a different thing to something produced in a factory or even a small workshop packed with electronic machinery. The project is named after the Roman god of the forge, echoing the heritage of Birmingham, England, and the thousand trades it is known for. Every bike is a self-contained project, beginning with an in-person fit and consultation carried out by Ben, the same person who chooses the tubes, hand files every joint and brazes the steel frame using methods largely unchanged within living memory. He is usually the one to build the wheels, grease every bolt and crimp every derailleur cable too.

The best bikes of the last hundred years were made this way, and they still are. It requires precise skilled handwork, which can exceed the work done by machines. The resulting process is something that takes an individual rider’s unique needs, looks at them through the lens of generational experience and skill, and creates something that couldn’t have been made by anyone else, for anyone else.

 A VBW bike is craft, not art: designs and finishes are utilitarian and hardwearing. Their beauty will only be increased over time by the marks of use. Their value compares well even to mass produced bikes, a fair exchange for decades of appreciation and enjoyment. For many UK employees, Vulcan Bicycle Works can even offer the option of Cycle to Work Scheme payment, spreading payment over multiple years with a significant discount.

 Each bike is generally planned as a complete item, with the very latest components on offer. During the design consultation, Ben will provide expert guidance for selecting components that are functional, durable, and versatile. VBW are pleased to offer frameset only options to allow the use of second hand parts, or extensive modifications (including S&S coupler retrofits) to existing frames.

 For a travel bike, S&S couplers offer incomparable functionality, which is why they are a frequently-seen option on VBW touring and adventure bikes. The weight increase is very minimal and the structural qualities are improved. The additional expense is worth it for the frequent traveller, who will be paid back in reduced anxiety after a single trip and in reduced baggage fees after a few.

 Vulcan Bicycle Works provide a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner against structural defects in material or workmanship on all frames and forks. As a project of Birmingham Bike Foundry, a longstanding worker co-operative bike shop, the original manufacturer’s warranty is also applicable on all parts fitted. Bikes are covered by comprehensive insurance with regard to public and product liability.

 More details can be found at, and process photos are available on Instagram by following @vulcanbicycleworks.


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Vulcan Bicycle Works
Birmingham Bike Foundry

1539 Pershore Road
Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Phone: +44 121 459 7276 


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