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I started Ti Cycles in 1990 to continue my work with individuals and their cycling needs. I continue to craft custom frames in steel and added titanium to the line. Titanium’s higher strength and lower density allowed me to build lighter, higher performance and more comfortable bicycles. Ti Cycles caters to all levels of bicycling enthusiasts, offering custom or production built frames and forks in steel and titanium. I have provided well over 1500 frames, have 30 years in the bicycle industry, helping people find the perfect solution to their cycling needs and desires. Whether you ride on road or off, race, tour, or enjoy tandeming I have the experience to create the perfect bicycle for you.

Builder comment:

I built my first BTC frame in 1998 and am still using it today as my fender/travel bike. I enjoy the convenience of traveling with one of my favorite bicycles, packed in it's hard case, which arrives in perfect condition every time. The BTC add a few ounces to the frame, but no noticeable difference in stiffness or the responsive feel of the bike. I have over 400 happy customers enjoying the advantages of BTC equipped bicycles, either custom built frames or retro-fit into their existing frames.

Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

Standard frames available

    Road Racing
    Off Road
        Weeks wait 0-6

Custom frames available
    Road Racing
    Off Road
        Weeks wait 8-20

Retrofitting services
    We retrofit frames manufactured by any manufacturer, steel or titanium
        Weeks wait 2-6

Construction methods
    TIG welded
    Fillet brazed

Frame materials
    Stainless Steel

Purchase from

    We sell through retailers but will sell direct in areas where we aren't presented.

Contact Information

    Ti Cycles Fabrication(Bicycle stuff)
    Cedar Ridge Fabrication(Car stuff)
    Dave Levy
    15707 NW McNamee Road
    Portland OR 97231 USA

    Phone: 503-621-9670
    Fax: 503-621-9670
    e-mail: info@ticycles.com

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