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We are Jay and Jeremy SyCip, the dynamic duo that will design and fabricate your bike just the way you want it. If you've been searching for that special, personal touch in a bike frame, your pilgrimage is over. Custom lugs, braze-ons, colors, accessories, S&S couplings are all our specialty.

Our story is a simple one chock full of romance, danger and intrigue. We're just two brothers who've loved building, designing, riding and eating around beautiful custom bikes since 1991.

Our Construction Methods:

Because most everyone has a personal preference when it comes to the method of frame construction, we will lug, fillet-braze, or TIG-weld your frame together. 

Lugging is a very classic construction method. A lug is placed on the joint to support it, and then is carefully silver soldered in place. Custom carved lugs are also available to turn your bike into a masterpiece. 

With fillet-brazing, the joints are meticulously brazed and then brass is built up around the joint. The joint is then filled down and sanded until a smooth transition is formed from one tubing to another is accomplished. This is a very labor intensive method, but the sheer beauty and strength of the final product is well worth the effort. 

TIG-welding is a technique in which the joint is mitered, cleaned and welded electrically. A shield of argon gas is used to insure good penetration and to keep welds clear of oxygen. TIG-welds don't like oxygen. These welds are very strong and lightweight. This is why you see TIG-welding on our production frames. 

After the frame is welded it goes through a number of other steps. First the welds are cleaned and inspected. Second, the frame is machined to accept a headset, seatpost and the bottom bracket. Third, the frame goes on the alignment table to make sure that it's true and parallel. The drop out get spaced accordingly and align to accept the rear wheel. then it gets a final lookover and its off to the painter. 

Most of our frames are powder coated, because of the durability and the environmental issues involved in painting. Sometimes our frames get sprayed conventionally, its advantage is the sharpness and the wider range of color that powder coating does not offer. 

We specialized in custom hand painting to personalized your frame (only available on non powder coated frames) its like getting a tattoo , but instead on you its on your bike. Characters and patterns are the design that works the best specially around tubes. 

You cleared the double jumps but busted your chainstays in the process? No problem. We also have a complete frame repair service at you disposal. Steel is a material is very forgiving and can be re-welded and re-aligned is need be. Even tube replacement is possible. Call for prices. 

Singlespeed Bonanza! Drop outs are also easily replaced , aligned and/or converted to a different style. Let us turn your tired but trusty mountain bike in a horizontal dropout singlespeed, and join the ranks of the fun-lovin', wallet on chain totin', martini-swillin hipsters who have blazed this path for you. 

Mountain Bikes:

The only thing "production" about our Mountain Production bike is that we eliminated the guess work of putting together the perfect ride for you. It is ready to wear and tear, when you are. No waiting, no MSG.

You'll take pride in knowing that Jeremy (and sometimes Jay) picked the tubing that they would use for their own ride. It is built to be day - in, and day - off road performer that excels on fast fire road bomber runs, can crush 10,000 fortune cookies in a power slide and navigate through a tight singletrack. It is a bike that will increase your appetite, inspire confidence and leave you smil'n' every time you set it's knobbies to the trailhead.

In keeping with our production/custom theme, we offer the bike as a single speed as well. Yeah, we know that's awfully neighborly of us, but that's the kind of guy's we are. It is available in five sizes to ensure a great fit for all but the most extreme of body types. Enjoy the ride.

Custom Mountain

The entire purpose of our existence at Sycip is to improve the ride, one mountain biker at a time. And we believe that the only way to do that is by working closely with a rider to develop a bike that fits their body, riding style, and terrain preferences like a glove. A penny for your thoughts. We put the pennies onto the signature wishbone seatstays and your thoughts go straight into producing the best bike money can buy. Built using some of the finest steel available we can make a bike that will rival titanium in weight and aluminum in stiffness with a feel that is decidedly always steel.

Our titanium mountain bike is made with fresh Ancotech Ti tubing and Paragon morsels to create a delicious dish. Made with our classic geometry or yours with extra special missle wishbone caps-guaranteed to send you to the highest peak-quick. 

Custom Road:

A fine tune road bike is a freedom machine, that can easily transport you over more miles in one day than you ever thought possible. At SyCip, We build road bikes that accomplish this with both style and comfort. And best of all, you will want to wave to fellow mountain bikers on your way out for the hills. We understand the beautiful subtleties that go into creating a ride that can handle 45 mile-an-hour decents with confidence, while still remaining lively and quick on the flats. We offer three build options: Tig welded, fillet brazed and lugged construction. And of course the bikes are custom made. You tell us how you ride and what you like and we'll do the rest. The road's calling-what's going to be your answer? 

Custom Cross:

A cyclocross bike is a freak of nature. It has to do everything well and stand up to years of abuse without a whimper. Take the lightest, fastest road bike on the block, ply it with Chianti and set it up with a habanero pepper sauce-bingo! Your off-road kissing cousin. Wait four-to-six weeks and voila-the Cross Dresser. 

We've spent years thinking of racing, working with riders and eating on the sidelines seeing firsthand what works and what ends up on the scrap pile in the world of cyclocross. Weather you are looking for a racey Euro-cross set-up for no compromise speed or a Ghetto-cross inspired bike with oversized tubing and lots of mud clearance to handle the rugged terrain that pops up in parks across the country, we have the expertise and craftsmenship to make the Cross Dresser perfectly suited to maximize your mud trotting pleasure. 

Choice of tubing, geometry, sizes and color. Tig-welded, fillet-brazed or lugged construction. Ritchey Drop-outs. SyCip Unicrown straight blade or raked w/lug. Multiple braze-on options. 

Unleaded Plus S&S Coupling bike

Coupling bike available in Production Sizes.

Click here to see the SyCip S&S Coupled Rallye One
Winner of the Shimano "Adventure Racer" Showcase:

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Sycip Designs
242  Barhom Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Phone: 707-542-6359
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