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About Strong Frames:


Strong Frames is a "true" custom frame shop committed to establishing relationships with you, our customer. We treat you as an individual and build your frame with that in mind. We build one frame at a time using the most advanced, high quality tools and techniques. Each frame is designed and built specifically for the individual purchaser. From the frame specifications right down to the individual parts (if a complete bike is purchased), each bike is built from start to finish before another is started. 

Strong Frames Philosophy:

"One at a time from start to finish".  You will find few "true" custom frame shops that will actually allow you full control over your bike. Strong Frames gives you control over every element of your bike, from the frame design right down to individual parts. It is this freedom that allows you to own a bike with no compromise.

Why Custom:

The more you ride the more important every aspect of your bike becomes. For the serious rider a custom bike adds immeasurably to the sport of cycling.

Company Background:

Strong Frames was started in 1993 by Carl Strong. Having spent most of his life riding and racing bikes, Carl knew he wanted to commit his life to working with the people and the sport which has enriched his life for the last 25 years. Having experience in bicycle mechanics and various forms of fabrication, Carl built frames for friends and local racers. As demand for his frames grew he decided to commit to building frames full-time. Now Carl builds Strong Frames for people all over the world.

Custom Only:

All choices made by you (with our guidance when desired).

One At A Time:

The tooling and jigs are set-up for your frame and stay that way until the frame is complete. This insures complete attention to your bike and it's perfection.


Steel, titanium and aluminum, Strong Frames is one of the few custom builders that is experienced in building frames from all three of the weldable materials. We use the most advanced steel alloys from all major manufacturers such as Columbus, Reynolds, True Temper, Easton, Ancotech and Dedacciai.

Machine Mitered:

All tubes are machine mitered to the tightest tolerances using lathes and milling machines. These miters lead to stronger, better-looking joints requiring less cold setting.

Joining Methods:

We TIG weld, fillet braze, use lugs or any combination of each. All these joining methods have their merits and the method you choose depends on what you want from your frame.


We spared no expense when it came to obtaining a fixture we could rely on to align our frames, enabling us to obtain tolerances equal to the run-out of the tubing. Your frame will be as straight as it can get; you can count on that!


We powder coat in-house. In recent years, powder coat technology has caught pace with the quality finish that we previously only expected from traditional wet paint. Powder coating is far more durable than traditional wet paint and does not produce the hazardous by-products that traditional wet paints do.  Powder coating in-house gives us control over quality and delivery time.



We want you to be happy, we know that the quality of your frame is top notch, so we warrant the materials and craftsmanship for titanium and steel for as long as you own your frame. Ultralite steel and aluminum frames are warranted for three years and Ultralite aluminum frames are warranted for one year. Also, because we rarely get to meet our customer face to face, to give you the confidence you want, we also guarantee our fit.

Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bikes, specd' custom for you, right down to the last part!!

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Strong Frames
701 East Mendenhall
Bozeman MT 59715

Phone: (800) 586-1105
Fax: (406) 587-1134

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