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Builder Statement:

Star City Cycles believes in making bicycles that are designed and fit individually. Every person is different, and so I only build full custom frames, each one made specifically for the rider. I want each customer to get the most from their bicycle and if it hasn't been custom made it will never be exactly what you want.   Justin Gullickson


Justin brazing a seat tube

Some of the processes used in preparing the lugs and tubes so everything fits together just right.

After a few hours of filing, sanding, drilling, and filing some more, the lugs are ready to go.

Everything comes together in the frame jig

This frame is ready for cleanup/finishing then paint.


A completed frame.

Completed bicycles

Star City Cycles custom dropout.

Why S and S Couplings?

When I'm not building bicycles I'm riding them. I play a lot of bicycle polo, and this has me travelling to cities all over the world to play. Anyone who has travelled with a bicycle knows what a pain it can be dealing with airlines and all of their extra charges. Riding a coupled bike solves these problems, and other than the convenience when travelling, you'll never know the difference when you're riding your bike. I have seen no other solution that works as well as S & S couplings, so if you plan to travel with your bike S & S couplings are a must! Justin Gullickson

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We sell frames and complete bicycles.

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Star City Cycles
2233 5th Ave NW
Calgary, AB
T2N 0S8

Phone: 403-371-1417
e-mail: use contact page on website

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