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The Spectrum Obsession.

On more than one occasion, we've been called obsessive about our bicycles. "Compulsive" and "fanatical" have a familiar ring too.
If all this name-calling is a result of our unflagging commitment to build the ultimate road bikes, we're guilty as charged.
But no jury would convict us - not once they've logged an afternoon on a Spectrum custom steel, custom titanium or standard titanium bicycle.
From the moment you approach a Spectrum, you know you're seeing something special. Clean, intelligent lines. Obsessively perfect welds (there's that word again). An unshakable devotion to detail.
And once you get rolling on a Spectrum, all your suspicions about our obsessions are confirmed. You'll experience better speed, handling and comfort than you ever thought possible on two wheels.
From thigh punishing climbs to exhilarating 60 mph descents, Spectrum is performance at its peak. The happy result of people who are proudly, professionally obsessive about their craft.

Don't take our word for it.

Naturally we have a pretty high opinion of our work. But the words of objective experts carry a lot more weight.
Every major cycling publication has written glowing reviews of our bikes and of master framebuilder Tom Kellogg.
They recognize that Tom is one of a handful of racer/framebuilders. He represents a rare breed of athlete/craftsmen who understand what it really takes to make a bicycle. From initial design to fabrication to an exquisite finish, Tom has been lauded in the press for elevating a demanding craft into sublime art.
For a further testament to Spectrum's true colors, look closely at our insignia. Spectrum is one of only three American manufacturers who've earned the privilege of using the blue, red, black, yellow and green rainbow of the Union Cycliste Internationale.
This honor is the result of two gold medal wins in the World Professional Championships by Danny Clark in 1980 and 1981. Spectrum bicycles competed in the '84 Summer Olympics and have won over 35 medals in U.S. National Championships.
Since 1990, the Subaru Montgomery team had ridden frames designed by Tom Kellogg and fabricated by Merlin Metalworks. Team cyclists include Lance Armstrong, Nate Reiss, Bart Bowen, Steve Hegg, Harvey Nitz and Ken Carpenter.
World-class cyclists like Inga Thompson, Rebecca Twigg and triathlete Jeff Devlin are also avid fans.
Ready to add your name to the list?

Handmade, from start to finish.

If you're a fan of those massive, complicated assembly line machines, don't visit our production facilities. You'll be very disappointed.
You see, our goal isn't to make a lot of bicycles. It's to make the best bicycles.
Which is why we rely on the ultimate machine: the human hand.
From hand-selecting the finest materials available to brazing, fitting and filing each frame and component part, Tom Kellogg and his team create frames by hand. One at a time. With meticulous, obsessive artistry.
Only people this dedicated would go to the trouble of adding features like internal brake cable tunnels to every frame.
The aerodynamic improvement will boost your speed a mere fraction of a second, but that's reason enough for us.
Tom Kellogg and his team create frames by hand. One at a time. With meticulous, obsessive artistry.

The proof is in the performance.

If our obsession with craftsmanship and details seems a bit self-absorbed, rest assured that there's something in it for you: performance.
On your Spectrum, you'll experience a level of handling you never dreamed possible. Your body position on the bicycle will feel perfect. And perfectly natural. Your weight will be distributed for maximum efficiency.
The bottom line? New heights of speed, comfort and endurance. Without fatigue.

Titanium Frames:

The Spectrum Titanium: the ultimate marriage of geometry, material and craftsmanship. No doubt, you've heard people gushing about the wonders of titanium bicycles. But unless they've ridden a Spectrum Titanium, they don't know the half of it. Master framebuilder Tom Kellogg has teamed up with Merlin Metalworks to create the toughest lightweight frame you'll ever ride. (A 55-cm. frame weighs 2 pounds, 9 ounces). 
It starts with our unique 3-2.5 alloy: it's 94.5% pure titanium, 3% aluminum and 2.5% vanadium. Compared to chrome-moly steel, it's 40% lighter, 50% more resilient and 200% higher in fatigue strength. 
In fact, among all metal alloy, ours give you the highest strength to weight ratio and displays superb torsional properties at lower weights. So unlike steel or aluminum, our titanium delivers better flexibility to absorb road shock, yet retains excellent torque resistance to counteract pedaling and cornering loads. And it never rusts or corrodes. 
The downside to titanium is that it's difficult to work with. Luckily, that's no problem for the skilled men and women at Merlin and Spectrum. 
They've mastered the art of mitering and filing to create gapless joints. These are tig welded using special fixtures which shield the weld itself and the heat-affected zone from contamination by air. Each weld is meticulously hand worked to create a sleek, seamless finish. 
Beyond the spectacular frame, there's more good news. Like a carbon fork for remarkable front-to-rear balance and comforting uniformity in the way both wheels respond to shock. 
In short, whether you choose a standard-size titanium bicycle or let us custom-build one to your body and riding style, you simply can't make a better decision than Spectrum Titanium. 
Doug Roosa, Technical Editor of Bicycle Guide said it best: "Tom Kellogg's titanium road bike trumpets a new set of standards for the ultimate road machine." 

Steel Frames:

The Spectrum steel bike is a classic, traditional beauty. But the workmanship and attention to detail are like nothing you've ever seen.
Every Spectrum steel road bicycle comes with a rather surprising feature: an interview. Because each of our steel bikes is custom built, we need to know a lot about you. So we ask a lot of questions. 
With these and other answers in hand, we get precise body measurements on the bicycle, noting such things as body position on the bicycle and hand placement on the brake hoods, handlebar drops and tops. Only after this exhaustive investigation of what you need in a bicycle do we begin to build it. [Further information, Photo essay] 
We start with quad-butted chrome-moly tubing, drawn exclusively for us by Reynolds, Columbus, Tange and Dedacciai. After a day of painstaking mitering, brazing and fitting, your frame is ready for hours of filing, sanding, cleaning and bead-blasting. [Photos] 
Finally we apply rust-inhibiting primers, followed by DuPont ImronŽ paint, in your choice of colors. After baking, decals and seven coats of clear ImronŽ polyurethane are applied. One final baking gives your new Spectrum a beautiful, protective high-gloss finish. 
Our steel artistry is unsurpassed, resulting in a bicycle that stronger because its component parts fit tighter. 
If all of this sounds like an awful lot of work for a bike, you're right. But it's the only way we know how to build them. 
Now for the real surprise: a custom built Spectrum bicycle can be yours at a price that's very competitive with other high-quality production frames. 
So the question isn't whether you can afford to ride a Spectrum. It's whether you can afford not to. 

Complete Bikes:

Spectrum offers complete bicycles in addition to our line of frame sets. We are very flexible in component choices and the level of bicycle completeness. For example, if you do not want wheels, saddle or pedals, we will simply down charge you for the items you do not want. Making changes from standard components is also fine. We will up or down charge you for the changes you make. 
Our complete bicycles are truly complete. The bicycle prices include all components in a manufacturer's group, plus rims, spokes, saddle, bar and stem, tires, pedals and handle bar tape. The bicycles are fully assembled and adjusted. Tom builds all wheels himself with DT butted spokes. We pre stretch all cables, glue on tubular tires, tape the bars, etc. Once the bicycle is complete, we do need to partially disassemble the bicycle for shipment. Assembly at the customer's end will require 5mm and 6mm Allen keys and a pedal wrench. Our track wheels are of course tied and soldered. 

Spectrum Specifics

Repair and refinishing

Spectrum is one of the country's best known frame repair and refinishing shops, offering a full line of repair and refinishing services at competitive prices. 

Share the obsession.

Clearly, a Spectrum isn't right for every rider. Some people simply wouldn't appreciate the flawless design, the impeccable welds or the unmatched performance.
If you've read this far, you're not one of them.
You're ready to get serious.
You're ready for a Spectrum.

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