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Our frames just fly.

Roark titanium frames are stiff, light and absolutely custom. They are the result of obsessively thorough manufacturing � 52 individual steps in the chain stay alone � and a precision fitting sequence that makes every Roark frame the only Roark frame quite like it. Road or competition, they're fast, lightweight and comfortable. If you need it, Roark can build it.

We build remarkable objects.
Some of them are bikes.

Roark specializes in complex fabrication of exotic metals, including titanium. We make prototype components for advanced environmental equipment and production pieces for the aerospace industry. For 50 years, this company has been manufacturing precision metal components for the U.S. military, commercial aerospace and NASA. They demand exceptional performance from our materials, our processes and our people. We know tough customers. We like tough customers.

We don't just make it for you. 
We make it for the way you ride.

A Roark custom frame is the culmination of a careful dialogue, called the fit. It's more than measuring leg length and riding weight, its talking about your history as a rider. We want to know where you ride, what kind of riders you admire, and how you approach each trip out. Tell us what makes a ride amazing for you, and we'll make the frame that takes you there.

The bones of the bikes

� Titanium TIG-welded in inert atmosphere 
� Certified 3/2.5 titanium alloy in the frame 
� Custom machined 6/4 titanium alloy in high stress components such as our vertical dropout 
� Tube diameters and thickness precisely matched to weight and rider requirements 
� MIL-STD-1595A certified welding processes 
� Quality requirements meet or exceed ISO 9002 

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Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

Standard frames

Custom frames

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Contact Information:

Roark Custom Titanium Bicycles
136 North Green Street
Brownsburg, IN 46112

Phone: 317 852-3163
Fax: 317 852-2738 

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