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What are you getting with a Rich Adams bicycle?
An engineerís attention to detail and design, a riderís experience and appreciation, an artisanís personal touch, and a functional work of art.

About Rich

I never knew bicycles would become my lifeís work. As a youngster I would ride dirt bikes like most kids. As a young teen my parents sent me on several bike tours where I quickly appreciated the freedom and exercise of cycling. Later, I dabbled in road and mountain bike racing learning the finer points of performance cycling. This fueled my passion for the sport and led me to study engineering at Lehigh University where I received my BS in Materials Science. After college I worked in the Semiconductor Industry commuting with my bike and enjoying the northern California cycling mecca. During this period I made a life changing decision and quit my Silicon Valley engineering job for a basic wrench position in the now defunct Start to Finish Bicycles in San Francisco. While financially it was a bit of a shock, I never enjoyed my previous work as much as that first job. Meanwhile I bought some equipment and starting building road frames.

Since then my obsession has been bikes. I love riding them; I enjoy the relaxed casual atmosphere of the bike shop, and I honestly get to do what I love, build frames. Not many people can say they are content with their job or are happy with their careers. While I gave up the comfortable life in a more lucrative field, I havenít once regretted my decision and I continue to look forward and strive to improve each bike I build.


All Rich Adams frames are built using the highest quality materials, tried and true construction methods and a proven design to achieve outstanding performance and comfort. Thereís a new line-up for this year. I am doing away with models and offering bike styles with options for construction and tubing. Iíve also added more sizes to the stock geometry to enable more riders to fit a stock size, saving a custom up-charge.
Because of my success with brazed frames, Iíve decided to offer specialty steel frames TIG welded, the most trusted construction method available today. This more affordable option allows cyclists to experience the best steel offered by Columbus and Dedacciai. Never fear, we are still carefully brazing frames and look forward to building you your next dream machine.

Finish & Decals

All Rich Adams frames receive a premium gloss finish with clear-coated decals. While decals sets have remained unchanged for 2010, weíve added airbrushed decals to our list of options thanks to our incredibly talented partner, Todd Eroh. Choose from 4 decal choices or have decals airbrushed in any color (additional charges may apply). Headbadge decals are still available but for 2010 we are including a stainless steel head tube badge with every frame. For an additional $100 you can receive a sterling silver handmade head tube badge first featured at the 2009 NAHBS. Custom paint schemes are available upon request. All frames receive an internal rust prevention coating and are vented to prevent standing water inside the tubes.

I do minor repairs on steel frames only
     ēBraze-on Replacement/Installation
     ēCantilever boss installment
     ēDropout replacement
     ēDisc Brake Mount
     ēFrame Alignment

    Models Offered


Building Your Custom Frame
The word ďcustomĒ gets thrown around a lot in the cycling biz, but what exactly does it mean? The definition varies, but here it means designing the bike around you. Your anatomy, your riding style and your personal preferences are all included. First your physical dimensions are taken. Those being your height, weight, inseam, torso and arm length, shoulder width, and foot size. After the measurements Iíll discuss your current bike and ideally, measure the basic tube lengths for comparison. This is usually coupled with the discussion of your riding style and any inherent flaws in your current rig. The information gathered here along with your body measurements will be the main tools for designing your custom frame geometry.
New for 2009, is our in-house size cycle, The Fit Master. Here we can match your current bike specs, change frame angles, top tube length, crank arm length, handlebar position and more. Not only can I then measure your position but you can feel the fit and provide feedback. We can also fine tune your saddle height and ideal stem and handlebar set-up.
Next, Iíll select the tubes individually to meet the design requirements. For example, a 200-lb. rider will get a heavier down tube than a 160-pound rider will. Are you a spinner, or a masher? Will you be racing, touring, or sport riding? A masher may get a stiffer rear end since he prefers to stand and climb at a lower cadence than a spinner who keeps his pedal cadence high and stays in the saddle.
Geometry plays a critical role in meeting the needs of a demanding cyclist. Are you riding flats? Big rollers? Are you climbing mountain passes and taking long winding descents? I use the property called trail to differentiate these riding styles so the bike handles predictably on your type of terrain. Donít think the bike will be too ďspecializedĒ for 1 type of riding. I guarantee the bike will track straight, corner smoothly and absorb road shock to keep you riding from 20 to 200 miles.
Finally, we look at your personal preferences, your quirks, or superstitions. Itís custom, so weíll do whatever you want. At least weíll discuss the benefits or disadvantages and let you decide. For example, carbon forks are becoming popular and they are lighter than steel forks. Vertical dropouts are being used more on road bikes. There are a host of braze-on do dads to choose from such as water bottle and rack mounts, pump peg, chain hanger, bottle opener. Do you need large tire or fender clearance? We want the bike to be special, a bike that fits you better than any stock bike could with any options youíd like along with a design that matches your riding style and keeps you pedaling for years to come.

When done right, the classic steel road bike is like no other. Good stiffness for accelerating and climbing, enough flex for comfort and road feedback, simple lines, and practical workmanship create that special riding experience. The jack of all traits, steel is the chameleon of frame materials capable of a wide variety of ride characteristics simply by adjusting the geometry and tube selection.
There are two stock geometries to choose from, Race and Club. The Race has a longer top tube, lower head tube, steeper angles and a short wheelbase. The Club geometry has a shorter top tube, 25mm head tube extension, and slacker angles with a longer wheelbase. Made-to-measure custom frames are still available for a $150 upcharge. This incorporates your body measurements, measurements of your current bicycle and your personal feedback on riding style and anatomy.


Single Speed Street
Single Speed Street

My most popular model, this frame exhibits aggressive handling thanks to its steep angles and straight bladed fork. Couple this with a tough powder coat and rugged track dropouts, the single-speed is the perfect city sprinter. Itís also track legal for the weekend jaunt to the velodrome. Equipped with front and rear brake bridges, the rider can choose two, one, or no brakes, ouch!

Riding the banked turns of a smooth velodrome requires different handling characteristics and a stouter frame than a city fixie. Iíve turned up the angles on this bike to make an aggressive attacking machine. I also custom select the tubes for every rider. This enables me to achieve the proper amount of stiffness for the individual and his race. Extra beefy chainstays and straight bladed fork (optional) keep your wheels glued to the track. Long slotted dropouts are carefully positioned parallel to the ground. Thus sliding the rear wheel back and forth, by changing gears or chain length, will not affect the head angle. Power though turn 4 and beyond with confidence on this classic steel track bike.



The cross bike is a rare breed; A winter trainer, a mud racer, a mountain bike and everything in between. Curvy rear stays look great and provide ample tire and mud clearance. A steel fork absorbs big bumps in stride. Expect great performance and durability whether enduring a grueling training regiment or a long rough commute. (rack mounts optional)
Youíll notice the bottom bracket drop on these bikes is a normal road drop thus lowering the center of gravity. This improves cornering, descending and stand-over height debunking the myth that cross bikes require a high bottom bracket.

Inspired by my personal JC Higgins cruiser I am offering a practical hybrid frameset suitable for neighborhood riding or commuting. This bike uses 700c wheels and has ample tire and fender clearance, neutral relaxed handling, and rack mounts with no shortage of style points.


Iíll admit, Iím not one to follow the latest trends, so when 29″ mountain bikes arrived I payed little attention. Now they are mainstream. Why? One answer, the ride! I was shocked the first time I rode my prototype on my favorite trails. Rock gardens, stream crossings, log- overs be damned! These big wheels keep on rolliní. At least in northeast PA, these bikes just work better. So here it is, a steel 29″ hardtail available in Single-Speed (with slider dropouts) or geared hardtail, see details below.

TIG welded
4130 Chromoly double-butted tubing
designed for 100-120mm suspension fork
custom gusseted down tube
2.35+ tire clearance
Disc brake compatible
tough powdercoat finish
polished stainless headbadge

Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

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Rich Adams Hand Built Bikes

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