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I like building what you can't buy off the shelf. All of my bikes are custom--made for you and your style. The average Pereira rider owns at least three bikes. You know what you want. I can help with the rest.

Tony racing his Roaring 29er

NAHBS 2008
About Tony

A summer day, 1973 in Neptune, New Jersey. Dad was holding the bike seat and handlebars, guiding me along the edge of the street. First he let go of the bars but held the seat for a bit. I was steering and could feel the bike balancing underneath me. When I looked back to see if he was still there, he'd let go and I was riding my two wheeler for the first time. I was hooked.

Not even that first bike, a Ross Convertible with 50's styling, could escape modification. First I had my way with ape hanger bars and a banana seat, which were later tossed for BMX bars and saddle. Just after high school I assumed ownership of my dad's Peugeot Urban Express-a big '80s "mountain" bike. It had skinny city tires and a giant cushy saddle. After a few rides on the local horse trails I upgraded the tires and installed a better saddle. With a bandanna for a helmet I became a mountain biker.

Just after college I began working in bike shops. I was pulled away from my passion by the boom, but when the bubble burst, part of me felt relieved. I missed the bikes and the laid back shop life.
A few years later, discontent with spinning wrenches and convincing people that one four-hundred-dollar bike was better than another, a moment of epiphany occurred. Years of fitting customers to their bicycles, repairing the un-repairable, learning the rhythm of retail, welding various contraptions in my garage and acquiring loads of tools had all been in preparation for this moment-I would build bicycle frames.

With the support of many friends, I began teaching myself how to miter tubes, file dropouts and braze smooth fillets. My first frame rode like a dream, which convinced the guys at the bike shop to trust me to craft their new rides. Two years and many orders later, I'm happy to be living the dream: I am a full-time framebuilder. Tony Pereira -- 2005


Whether it's a rockin' crosser, a svelte fixie, a well equipped Randonneuring rig or that 29er single speed racer, Tony strives to craft the perfect bicycle. By taking the time to discover each client's needs and wants, he creates a ride that will truly be cherished for years to come.
Pereira Cycles are custom, one-of-a-kind creations built to the needs of each individual client by frame builder Tony Pereira. The techniques are simple, yet precise and carefully executed to balance strength with lust-inspiring details of craftsmanship.

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Head badge punch and die, head badges and scrap strip

Material: Steel

Fillet brazed head tube before and after clean-up
Fillet Brazed or Lugged

Lugged head tube


Big Wheels, big fun. Ride high and in style. Larger wheels roll fast and smooth and allow the bottom bracket to sit further below the axel line, making you feel more at one with the bike. It's like you're riding inside bike. This is my specialty and what I like to ride myself.

 Gears? We don't need no stinkin' gears! Ahhh...the simplicity of the bike you had as a kid. What a joy to just stand up and mash the pedals.

 My newest obsession. Cyclocross is dirty, fast, hard and fun. Light and quick handling with a supple ride. Built to race hard and win.


The joys of long distance riding. Load it up and ride for days. You should have a bike you love if you're going to ride that far. Set it up exactly the way you like.

Fixed Gear

 Are you a minimalist? Find your path and exalt in the power of your legs.

Modern Classics:

 Inspired by classics like the motorcycle-styled cruisers of the 1920s and the French "Golden Age" bikes from the 1940s and 50s, we can create a modern interpretation suitable for your needs today. Contact us to discuss your dream bike.

S and  S Couplings:

29er frame with S and S Couplings

Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

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Custom frames

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Pereira Cycles
Portland, Oregon, USA

Phone:  503-333-5043
Skype: pereiracycles
e-mail:  tony @

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