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Powers Design Quality  has been building and repairing custom bicycles since 1989. Rich Powers is the only employee in this one man custom shop.  My  experience  as a custom builder, background in Industrial Engineering and miles of road and off road cycling help me provide the best in quality, design and  fit. I personally design and build you dream bicycles one at a time to accommodate your specific needs. My designs tend to be  conservative and centered around the concept that fit  is critical to performance and handling.  Before construction begins a full size CAD drawing is produced to insure specifications and eliminate guess work. This thorough design and fit  process ensures  you new bicycle is just as you planned.  We are able to offer a variety of options from frame material to construction methods, offering great flexibility when designing you dream bicycle. 

Accurate Fit

If your bicycle does not fit ....nothing else matters. We specialize in difficult to fit cyclists, female and male, small and large.  Each cyclist has their own set of needs based on how and where they ride.  Being a small builder I am able to offer  the attention that you deserve to ensure that your custom bicycle disappears beneath you as the miles roll by.

Your Retrofit specialists !!

Experience makes PDQ an easy choice when selecting a custom builder to install S&S couplers. Since beginning to use S&S couplers several years ago, installing couplers  has become a specialty at PDQ.  I have installed couplers in all types of bicycles and can make your everyday bike your travel bike !!  My history in installing and retro-fitting S&S couplers into top quality custom bicycles enables me to offer you peace of mind we you send me your loved bicycle. I also personally use them on a regular basis and this can help you decide on the details. Whether you need cable splitters, crank extractors or deciding which travel case to use, our experience will help you make the right choice the first time.  We'll  have you packing for your next trip in no time !

We are very excited to offer the ultimate  component in travel bicycles !

The Bicycle Torque Coupling System is an excellent design and allows all the benefits of a custom frame plus, the ability to travel with your custom bicycle in a regular size piece of luggage. All of our bicycles and frames are available with Bicycle Torque Couplings. Travel in style today  !



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Custom Frames, Repairs
Design, S&S Couplers

400 Evergreen Drive NW
Bondurant, IA 50035

Phone: 319-404-5023
e-mail: pdqbicycles@yahoo.com

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