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THE TALLERICO STORY: At Tallerico Bicycles, Jon provides that one-of-a-kind frame and bicycle for riders who want a bike that is an exact fit to their needs.  He is committed to providing a frame that answers each customers specific needs.  And his almost 500 frames built confirm the success of this commitment.  Jon works closely with each customer to understand how they will be using their new bike and what they want out it.  He then measures their body dimensions important to the proper frame design and fit.  He integrates all this information and lays out a frame geometry - the overall frame and each element that will make up the frame.  Based on the resultant drawings, the detailed tubing sizing and forming will begin, followed by the welding and finishing of the new frame.  The end result is a frame ready for the components that will make it the bike for the customer. 

Jon's education is in engineering design and he is an accomplished mechanical drafter, a capability he uses in all his frame designs.  He started his bicycle mechanic career at The Bike Chain in 1988 as a mechanic and retail sales assistant.  In 1992 he joined Shaw's Lightweight Cycles as a mechanic and frame-building apprentice under master mechanic Terry Shaw.  There he continued to build his mechanic skills and he learned the art, craft and business of frame building.  And through 1995 he added to his experience base by working in research and development at Phil Wood. In 1996 Jon became co-owner of CycleCraft where he started his Tallerico frame-building business and continued his bicycle services.  There he also sponsored road and mountain bike racing teams, which he continues to do.  In 2000 he moved to Moab, Utah, to continue his frame building business and expanded it into hardtail mountain bikes.  The weather drove Jon and his family back to Palo Alto in 2002.

CUSTOM MODIFICATIONS WITH S&S BTC’s: We can modify your single steel bike. The couplings will be professionally installed by Jon Tallerico, who has extensive experience with this delicate procedures. $500 plus paint turns your existing ride into an adventure ready bicycle! Or treat yourself to the best and order up a new, custom handbuilt bicycle by Tallerico. Call for details.

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Tallerico Handbuilt Bicycles
847 North Cluff Ave. Suite C-3
Lodi, CA 95240

Phone: 209 224-8707

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