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About Naked: 

Naked Bicycles is a custom bicycle and accessory fabrication company based on Quadra Island, B.C. Sam Whittingham, founder designer and builder for Naked Bicycles has been building custom frames one by one with love, logic and elbow grease for nearly a decade now. "I have a definite style which I cannot help but bring to each and every bicycle, but I am greatly influenced by the needs and desires of each customer." 

Custom Frames

I can build you any type of bicycle you want and make it fit perfectly. What ever your needs are and painted with your favourite colour pattern too. All this finished off with finest mix of components you can afford. 

I crave variety in my frame building practice; the tried and true classic as well as the weird and wacky. All forms of bicycle are considered: Road, Racing, Track, Touring, Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, Time Trial, Special needs and Recumbents.
Most of my frames are TIG welded. This is the lightest, most versatile way to join a collection of tubes. For those who want some old world charm I am happy to go back to my roots and use either silver-brazed lugs or the ultra-smooth fillet braze. If you really want to blind your friends with bike frame splendor, try a complete hand-polished stainless lugged frame!

Complete bicycles also available and indeed encouraged to be sure of complete synchronicity of function.

Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

Custom frames

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Contact Information:

Naked (recent name change from Forte)
Sam Whittingham 
Box 135 Heriot Bay
Quadra Island, B.C. Canada
V0P 1H0

Phone: 250-285-3181

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