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Welding titanium is an engineered art. Precise miters, state of the art equipment and incredible skill combine to make the strongest and most beautiful frame available.

Underneath these microscopically precise welds are perfect miters. This allows us to melt the joint together at a relatively low temperature, using no weld wire, assuring the straightest as well as the strongest weld possible. This first pass in the process assures the joint is held tight through the expansion and contraction of welding. Next, 6/4 ELI weld wire is welded to the joined tubes leaving what is visible on the finished frame. On each frame a specific weld sequence is followed in order to maintain precise alignment. This 'double pass' weld system has proven to be the strongest weld process for titanium

In our 13 years of building titanium bikes we have purchased tubing from every American titanium tubing mill. Different mills are better at some sizes than others, but each mill that makes our 3/2.5 Pi-Tech CWSR tubing certifies each tube for purity, strength and mechanical properties.

The extremely wide variety of both tubing diameters and wall thickness gives us complete control over tuning the ride of each frame we produce. Our Pi-Tech tubesets and the Reynolds 6/4 butted tubesets are size specific to every stock and custom frame we build. Because we use very thin walled large diameter tubing, the mill's quality is extremely important to us. Mitering and welding this thin material takes years of experience to do well. The benefit to the rider is a more solid feeling frame that dissipates shock while being very lightweight. For more specific information on the tubing we use, please see our website.

On all of our road frames 3 gauges of chainstays and seatstays complete our design program, tuning the ride of every frame for each rider's needs. Cold working these stays into subtle bends and ovalizations allows for proper clearances while increasing the strength for the ultimate ride

Titanium and aluminum bikes need a lot of machined fittings and parts. Bottom bracket shells, head tubes, pivot parts, dropouts... the list goes on. Our Ti Smoothie frame utilizes 45 separate machined parts. Many are made from titanium because they are welded to the tubing that creates the frame. The rest are part of our low maintenance sealed bearing pivot system, both internal and external. Our CNC machinery allows us to produce many of these parts, guaranteeing the quality from the inspection of the raw materials through the tolerance of the finished part.

Cutting corners is not an option at Moots. Things you won't see from other companies such as welded in water bottle bosses and welded on seat binders set us apart in both function and aesthetics. Behind the finished products are hours of details you never see, but you definitely reap the benefits; Alignments to within thousandths of an inch, tube preparation for lifetime welds, facing, thread chasing and reaming to tight tolerances; hand finishing for function as well as beauty. Quality control isn't one person's job at Moots it's everyone's. All of this, and more, combine to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts

Custom  Moots:

When Moots first started crafting bikes in 1981 they were all custom fits. Using our knowledge, skill and experience we created our line of stock titanium frames in the sizes you see. However, we recognize that these sizes do not fit every rider's needs.

No matter your preferred ride, we can build a frame to do it. World-class road and mountain bike racers buy our frames, round-the-world tourers ride Moots as do the rest of us mere mortals. A couple of the driving reasons behind this are fit and feel. A bike needs to fit the rider ergonomically and be designed correctly for the type of riding. 

In our experience the most important information about building the best custom bike is to listen to your needs and get good measurements. Ride characteristics are determined by a number of things including geometry, tubing selection and fit. Our Built-To-Order-Program was developed to pinpoint this information. We intend that you fill out our custom booklet with the help of a quality bike shop. We can then work with you and the shop to finalize a design. 

Using the completed information in our booklet and the shop's input we then start to lay out the plan. We use a team to determine geometries and tubing selection to assure the best design using everyone's experience and knowledge. The custom frame we create for you is unique to your needs. By starting the process with a blank sheet we assure the fit and function will meet all of your needs.

Combining all of the variables that make up the best custom frame is more than lengths, angles and weights. After 22 years of making custom frames, we put our knowledge into making a work of art. By fine tuning each aspect of designing the best frame, we present a finished product that reflects our pursuit of bringing beauty and function into one. Your custom Moots.

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Moots Cycles
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