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Peter Mooney was born in England where he later returned to learn the trade of frame building. In 1975 he set up his own shop, and is now frame builder in residence at Belmont Wheelworks.


His philosophy of frame building is traditional, but hardly out of date. He feels that the name on a frame should be that of the craftsman who designed and constructed it.

Peter is a great believer in the old adage "if you want it done right-do it yourself." So he does. From the fitting session to the finish filing, only the painting is entrusted to other hands. Otherwise the name on the frame tells the whole story of its designer and creator.

His choice of steel is based upon his respect for its proven and long lasting qualities, as well as the ease of modification, realignment and repair.

Peter Mooney builds frames to fit, to perform and to be admired.



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Peter Mooney Cycles and Belmont Wheel Works
480 Trapelo Road
Belmont, MA 02478

Phone: 617-489-3577
Fax: 617-489-5807

Peter Mooney Cycles

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