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Why bother with a custom frame?

If you can find a suitable frame of the peg, don't bother with a custom frame. This will save you money, and a long wait.
However having a custom frame built can be worthwhile if you have special requirements concerning construction or finish, or if your bodydimensions don't comply with the average according to the frame factories.
That will be the case with very small or very large sizes, or bikes for females, but that isn't the biggest market. We find that a surprisingly large number of customers of ordinary size have shorl legs for their size. And they will be far happier on a small frame with a long toptube, than with a stock frame and an oversize stem, because the latter solution destroys the weight distribution.out

S and S Couplings:

We can fit (or in some cases retrofit) S&S couplings to frames, to turn a standard looking frame into a separable one. It is not a cheap solution, but then S&S couplings are not a cheap product. I usually have one on my desk before it finds it way into a frame as it makes a wonderful 'executive toy' 

Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

Standard frames

Custom frames

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Contact Information:

Dorpsstraat 132
NL 9605 PD
Kiel Windeweer
Nederland (Netherlands)

Tel +31 598-491865
Fax +31 598-491893
E-mail: Tubus@Tubus.nl
WWW: HTTP://tubus.nl

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