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We are very pleased to introduce you to Lynskey Performance Designs. As a family (8 of us to be exact) we are very happy to, once again, be involved with bicycles. As you may remember, we founded Litespeed Titanium Components in 1986 and later sold the business in 1999. During that time, what we enjoyed most was having the good fortune to work with some of the world's best bicycle designers and racing professionals. We learned what it takes to make a bike go very fast while withstanding the rigors of professional racing. We took great personal pleasure seeing our bikes help so many cycling pros be successful, even though most times we were asked to keep the riders of our bikes confidential due to sponsorship issues. In short, we are back because we missed it.

The beauty of getting to start over with a clean sheet of paper is the opportunity for unbridled improvement and innovation. We are guided by the question, "How can we improve the cycling experience?" The answer we agreed on was, "Give every rider a chance to ride a TRULY (that is the keyword) custom bicycle." We're not talking about taking stock tubes out of a bin and cutting them differently for your geometry. We mean starting on the napkin with an idea and a wish list of how you want your bike to work. Not just perfect fit, perfect performance.
Around the Shop
The production facility at Lynskey Performance is operated by David Lynskey and his crew of fabricators. Each person in the shop has extensive knowledge and many years of experience with custom bicycles. Many have been with David since the old days and have jumped at the chance to come back when we opened our doors again. We feel that we have some of the best fabricators in the business. We all have a love for what we do and our workmanship proves it.

Each Lynskey frame goes through various stages of production, each done by hand, to become one of the finest bicycles you can own. We handcraft each frame using only the best materials available. We work with U.S. milled aerospace grade 6al-4v and 3al-2.5v titanium because it allows us to create the most durable, fine tunable and high-performance bicycle you can ride.

New to the shop are two brand new Mazak machining centers. One is a Quick Turn Nexus 200-II and the other is a Vertical Center Nexus 510C-II. These babys are the Cadillacs of CNC machines. We now have unlimited control over our manufacturing process in many new ways. Starting with total inventory control, we can create the parts we need for each of our frame models when we need them. This means that our customers can feel confident that their order will move through the shop with ease. We can also create any new and unique parts required for advancements in product design and development. This also allows us to offer unlimited personalization options to our customers on specific parts. We will be debuting several new products in the next few weeks and will be certain to display them in our gallery. If you would like to see images of these amazing machines and other shop photos visit our gallery.

We offer:
Road, Mountain, Touring, Utility, Cyclocross and custom frame designs. Available as frames or complete bikes. Shipping worldwide. We have a full range of road bicycles and frames that cover all aspects from professional racing designs to weekend touring and comfort bikes. We utilize BB30, oversize and tapered headtubes in many of our designs. We have the best selection of 26 and 29er titanium hardtails, both geared and singlespeed. We offer BB30 and Lefty front suspension designs. We are beltdrive bicycle design experts. We also have designs that are fully Rolhoff Hub compatible. Our Backroad touring model has no weight limits, has rack and fender mounts and is also available in a traveling version that utilizes S&S couplers to break apart. Our utility bike designs offer the best features for your daily commute. We have the ultimate Cyclocross racing frames and also bikes that work well for both racing and commuting. We offer the most extensive custom bicycle frame program in the world for all types of frames including tandems and triathlon frames and bikes. This includes custom bicycle frame designs and full custom paint and finish options.

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Lynskey Performance Designs
P.O. Box 23728
Chattanooga, TN 37422

Call 423.499.5815
Fax 423.499.5816

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