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John Slawta has been handcrafting custom, lightweight, steel frames since 1982. A former art student, Slawta uses his frame painting techniques as a medium to express himself artistically. "I like to get people to see the bikes and have to respond." Being a one-man show, Slawta is able to oversee every step of the manufacturing process. Landsharks have been ridden to victory in the World and U.S. Pro Championships and the Giro d’Italia.

While only producing approximately 200 frames a year, John manages to be extremely competitive in the Landshark pricing. There are only a handful of equally experienced full time builders in the USA, and most charge much more for work that is only a portion of the Landshark package.

Question: How many people are involved in making a Landshark Frame? 

Answer: If you don't count the folks at the Pro bike shops that represent & service the bicycles, just one...... John Slawta.

This is a quick description of what John does: 

Frame Materials:

STEEL is REAL! No Aluminum, Carbon Fiber (OK, forks can be obtained in carbon)... Just the finest varieties of Steel. Cyclists can debate the various frame materials, but NO material has been developed for as long nor as thoroughly as the modern steels currently available.
Titanium is the only other available bicycle frame material that even approaches the ride quality of steel. The snap, the "twang," the resiliency, the comfort-along-with-stiffness, NOTHING can exactly duplicate those qualities as available in steel. Ti can be close in some ways, and of course is a little lighter. But not all that much in the real world of riding!
It's humorous the way that most of the the bike magazine tests always end up inadvertently mentioning that the newest fad frame "almost rides as well as steel!"


Each frame is produced for the individual who will be riding it.......

Every tube, every dimension is variable to obtain the most efficient and desirable position on the bike. Factors such as  how & where the bike will will ridden, personal handling preferences, equipment to be used, height, proportions & body weight, all these elements contribute to the final design.

Customers virtually always respond, once their new Landshark is built up, that it "fits like a glove," or feels like an extension of their bodies!

Then the really fun part comes in...... Landshark paintwork!  John's Art background allows a unique and non-reproducible finish that will delight all onlookers.  The wide range, from rich, deep conservative single colors, to the splashy wild effects only you and John can come up with!  And no "up-charges" for this singularly unique service..It is included in the standard price!

Road Shark:

Dirt Shark ATB:

Twin Shark Tandem:

Track Shark:

* Time Trial and Pursuit bikes are also available

Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

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225 Crystal Heights Road
Medford, OR 97501

Phone: 541-535-4516
(Sorry, no direct e-mail to Landshark)

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