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"As a hand builder of exclusively utilitarian bicycles, I have the curious occupation of crafting precise and exquisitely detailed bikes only to send them out into a hard-knock world of adventure travel. Why invest time and labor into the minute details of bicycle built for hard knocks?
Because I believe that nothing testifies to superior design and craftsmanship like the evidence of ample use.

As a passionate pedal traveler, I realize that utility trumps any pleasant aesthetics on tour. Thus, reliability and practicality are top priorities in the design and construction of my bikes. Continuing research and development is done on my own periodic bike adventures, and through the invaluable feedback of my customers. From frame-mounted front racks to locking glove boxes and integrated u-lock holders, the innovative wheels never stop.

I personally design, construct, hand-paint, spray, and assemble each Littleford bicycle at my shop in Portland, Oregon. This one person, one place approach affords me the additional time needed for an uncompromisingly synergistic approach to building. All design components, be they S&S couplings, overlapping seat stays, integrated racks, or seamless hub-generated lighting, are conceptualized together as a whole before anything is built. A beautiful and dependable bike, built for a long life of hard travel, is well worth the effort."   

Jon Littleford

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"As a seasoned and intrepid bike tourist, I specialize in the value of mobility. It's my mission to provide a finely tuned and intelligently engineered travel bike; one that can haul you and your gear comfortably, anywhere you want to ride. Adequately equipped, even the roughest road is a passage... so long as there is ground beneath your wheels! Of course, this ground-beneath-the-wheels limitation means that much of the bicycle-navigable world is out of your reach without a lift. For a conventional bike this means a huge box and a big fat fee, followed by an anxious wait at the oversize baggage pick-up area, and a big mess of cardboard and chain grease as you assemble your bike at the airport (since that oversize box won't fit inside a taxi or airport shuttle.) S&S couplings are stronger than the tubes they connect, maintenance and worry free when they're coupled, hassle and surcharge free when they're not. I have them on my own Littleford and I forget they're even there... until, of course, I have to fly somewhere."

"S&S couplings... like wings for bikes."

Jon Littleford

S and S Coupled bike

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Littleford Bicycles LLC
9129 NE Hoyt st
Portland OR, 97220
ph: (503) 922 1934

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