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We build race-proven recumbent bicycles. Unlike most bicycles sold today, Lightning recumbent bicycles are based on a modern, high-tech integrated design, resulting in a bicycle that is

While recumbents are becoming more and more popular, only Lightning has a 16 year history of building record breaking recumbents for cycling enthusiasts around the world. All Lightnings are designed by top aerospace engineers, thus taking cycling out of 100 years of dark age design, and into modern NASA-like engineering. As a result, Lightning bikes have earned over 20 world records. You say you're not a racer? Well, just as the space program produced technologies useful for ordinary automobiles, we've taken what we've learned from demanding race bike engineering, and applied it to the full range of Lightning bikes. Additionally, to ensure top quality, Lightnings are hand built at our modern facilities in California by skilled craftsman who have decades of experience constructing and operating jet aircraft, space satellites, and large rockets.

You'll find that Lightning bikes offer the best combination of

We look forward to doing business with you!

P-38 Voyager Upgrade:   The Ultimate in Take-Along Bikes!

An entire riding season and almost 10,000 miles in racing and riding (real world) field testing, the P-38 Voyager is ready for prime time! Simply put, the Voyager is a P-38 that collapses conveniently into an airline-legal suitcase. Airlines accept the 26 x 26 x 12" case as checked luggage with no questions asked and, best of all with no additional charges. Plus the bike is safe and secure in its hard-shell case. Assembly/disassembly takes approximately 30-45 minutes. 

The Voyager includes three S&S frame couplings (which are actually stronger and stiffer than the original frame tubing), coupled seat frame, quick release seat, boom and stem and hard-shell case. Not some kind of strange folding bike, the P-38 Voyager is a no-compromise high performance bike perfect for flying to races, tours and varied bicycle adventures anywhere in the world with no worries. 

See the P-38 Voyager packed in a case

Click here for more details regarding the Lightning P-38 Recumbent with S and S Couplings

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Lightning Cycle Dynamics
312 9th St.
Lompoc, Ca. 93436

Phone: 805-736-0700
Fax: 805-737-3265
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