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 I started cycling at a young age and everything that goes with it.  Races , touring , and eventually learned to build frames . I see bicycles as more than a simple tool. For me, it's a way to relax and stay healthy, in a responsible way ( financially and environmentally ).  I have it in my blood .

About: Caspar Drenth

The start of Le Cadre custom bicycles was inevitable, after a childhood of riding, racing, wrenching, designing and engineering bicycles. Growing up in a household with more than enough tools, I started wrenching on my own bicycles at a young age. Bicycles have always been a way to enjoy freedom for as long as I can imagine. After graduating from college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I worked in the bicycle industry for a while but had problems with the way bicycles where produced. Bicycles have become consumption goods.

Le Cadre takes a different approach. We design and build bicycles as they used to be designed: to last. We take great pleasure in taking the time to establish a relationship with the customer. Buying a made to measure bicycle is like ordering tailor made clothing. It is a special occasion for most people in which the customer needs to trust the tailor's skills and fine taste. We recognize the trust people have in le Cadre when they order a bicycle. It is our goal to make good on the promise.

With a combination of modern design (and sometimes retro), classic materials and both modern and classic production methods we hand craft your dream ride.

Silver brazed, bronze brazed, filleted or lugged. TIG welded steel and TIG welded titanium. Touring, commuting, fixed gear, MTB, road or even better - something to exactly fit your needs. We also fabricate forks, stems and racks.

For now, I only build in steel. Either fillet brazed with brass, silver, or lugged construction. For some, steel is a material of a bygone age, for others it is retro or still the only material to build a real bicycle, and for some steel is back. In our opinion, steel has never left the field. Steel has been around for hundreds of years and has evolved over this period into a high tech material. The last years high tensile strength steels have been invented and a lot of the new high end bicycle tubing sets are a direct offspring from these magic materials.
Frame Fixture
Shop photos:
Mitering fixture

Frame Fixture


BB Shell Holding Fixture
Fixed gear frames

A fixed gear bicycle is an odd ball machine to most people. But for those who have tried it, it is either love at first sight or never to try again. For us who love them it is all about clean lines, effective power distribution and the feel of invincibility while riding. Like I said love ‘em or leave ‘em.


Commuter / Racer
Road frames

I build road frames in any configuration you’d like. Italian geometry, American geometry, club racer, audax, you name it I make it.

Utility/Commuter frames

This is another one of my favorites. This is the kind of bicycle that needs to be taylor made. Ever commuter has a different idea about them. It mostly depends on how far you need to go. If you have to use public transport to get there and what you need to carry. It can be anything from a fixed gear track bike to a full on touring bike and anything in between. It usually shows a bit of the owners personality as well. These frames can be outfitted with internal gear hubs, singlespeed, derailleurs, special braking configurations or anything special you would like.
Mountain bikes

As some of you know I can be found at mountain bike races. I ride a fillet brazed singlespeed bike. Off all the types of frames I build this is the type I have the most experience with. I have raced, crashed, wrenched, designed and owned many of them. Also these can be made in many a configuration.


Touring frames
If you are in the market for a custom made touring frames odds are you know what you want. But also if there are still some blind spots in your design I can help you. These frames can also be outfitted with disc brakes, internal gear hubs, internal wiring, or any other specialty you would like.

S and S Coupling

S and S Coupled travel bike

I supply standard forks of many makes, suspension and rigid. But if you are going to have a nice custom frame made, perhaps you’d like to have a matching fork.


Can’t find what you are looking for. Or have a design in your head that needs to come out. Contact me and maybe I can help you.

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