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Our team has changed little since it began in January, 2006. Together we produce about 175 bikes per year, all custom, one at a time.

Road, mountain, cross and big wheeled 29íer and 650Bís are our basic frames. From here, the choices are unlimited. We customize any model to fit your needs. Single speeds, eccentric bottom brackets, Rohloff integrated hubs, comfort road bikes, commuter set-ups etc. Let us know what you are looking for and we will help you get it.

We offer frames, frame with headset and fork, and complete bikes. We assemble and test all bikes in house before sending it to you.

Story of Our Logo

Kent Eriksen
About: Kent Eriksen

Kent is how we manage to keep this business humming. His youthful enthusiasm, years of experience, tireless attitude and dedication are unsurpassed. He manages to maintain his reputation of working a 19 hour day and racing his bike in the summer and xc skis in the winter, staying on top of the podium in most of the event he enters. Kent personally cuts, miters, jigs and aligns every frame that comes out of our shop. He is the builder, beginning to end.

Kent was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 1996 Interview: Titanium maestro Kent Eriksen By Marcus Farley
Buying a frame and how to get started

Inquiries and orders are just a phone call away. If you are curious, just looking, or completely ready to buy we welcome your call. You are not wasting our time by checking in with us. Our job is to help you with the bike buying process regardless of your technical knowledge.

Once you have decided on a frame we will send you a fit form to collect measurements and details of your order. From these details we can make a CAD drawing and you can decide if you want to proceed with an order. After the initial drawing we require a deposit to get your order in the queue.

Kent will go through the process of planning and making the frame for you. He will ask basic questions about your riding history, style and needs. He will also have you take some various measurements of you and your existing bike.

When you and Kent agree on the final design, we are ready to go. Plan to be able to discuss the parts and components you plan to use on your frame. This information is very important in the final frame fabrication. If you decide to have us build your complete bike we are happy to provide an complete estimate based on your component choices and bike design. You are not limited to a parts group, we can configure your own custom package based on your needs. Our skilled staff is very helpful in specíing the right components for your bike.
A bit about Kent, titanium and fabrication.

Titanium is among the strongest, lightest metals on Earth. Titanium tubes are formable, corrosion-proof, highly resistant to fatigue and smooth in nature. Translated to riding, this means a responsive, durable and lightweight frame offering exceptional comfort while delivering performance and style. With a titanium frame, you cannot go wrong.

We stock solely American made, 3/2.5 titanium. Our inventory includes a huge selection of tube sizes guaranteeing the perfect frameset based on each riders needs. Kent hand selects each tube size based on your design. The result is a bike delivering the ride quality you want.

Kent started using titanium in 1991 following his revolutionary work fabricating frames out of steel. Forever the innovator, tester and designer, titanium use was a natural progression. Kentís signature is his ability to shape, form and fit titanium tubes specific for each bike he designs. Our shop is full of specialized benders, squishers and shaping tools used daily in the fabrication of custom frames. Along with a skilled welder, Kentís precise machining and experienced tooling make him a master of bicycle fabrication. With each made-to-order frame keenness shines through in meticulous attention to detail, functional design and a flare like no other, delivering quality and perfection you expect from Kentís hands.

Picture perfect welds!

Titanium (visible weld) S and S Coupling
Kent Eriksen Cycles Road Bikes

Discover for yourself the superior feel and dependability a titanium custom road frame from Kent Eriksen delivers.

Starting over the phone or in person Kent develops a rapport with you, assesses your riding style and needs, and works with you to fabricate the right bike. Whether you are racing, touring or simply riding for fun and fitness, Kent will create the bike you need, guaranteed. We do not offer specific models to fit your needs, rather we let your needs design a model for you.

The bike pictured here has the S and S Coupling option which allows the complete bike to fit into a 26x26x10" case which travels as regular airline luggage.

Kent Eriksen Cycles touring bike with and S Couplings, click for a larger image

Kent Eriksen Cycles 29'er mountain bike
Kent Eriksen Cycles Mountain Bikes

With the Rocky Mountains as our backyard we are always testing new mountain bike designs.

Full suspension, hard tails, single speeds and 2x9. Twenty-six inch, 29íer 650B and 69íer, the options are limitless. If you have not tried a big wheeled bike, now is the time! We make use of all wheel sizes and everyone in the shop has a personal favorite, and an opinion to go with it.

Single-track is our home. Like you, we want to zip the curves, clear the drops, clean the logs and climb the techy stuff all from the comfort of our bike. Kent is non-stop in his discovery of ways to improve the imperfect. Be it challenging a new bike design, refining a component or wishing for something extra, nothing beats a builder who has first hand experience with everything he makes.

We make Mt. bikes with full suspension, no suspension or the perfect middle ground, a hard tail. Sorry, no soft tail designs here, just upsize your wheel for a better ride!

Challenge us with your ideas or simply ask for what you want for your mountain bike. We do not stock models; rather we build everything to order.

Kent Eriksen Cycles Cross Bikes

Rugged, sleek, powerful and commanding; the season for cross bikes is now.

Versatility is the hallmark of a cross bike, and ours is no exception. Whether racing, expanding your ride options or adding to the fleet: From pavement to dirt, the cross bike takes it all.

Geometry specific to demands of cross riding this bike does it all with speed and confidence. Building bikes for some of the countries best, the Eriksen cross bike is the latest ride for multiple cyclo-cross National Champion, Steve Tilford. Look for him this season.

Kent Eriksen Cycles cross bike

Kent Eriksen Cycles tandem frame with Couplings, click for larger image

Kent Eriksen Cycles tandem frame with S and S Couplings that separates into three sections for airline travel.
Kent Eriksen Cycles tandem frame with S and S Couplings that separates into two sections for easier travel.
SKent Eriksen Cycles tandem with S and S Couplings, click for a larger image

Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

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Physical Address:
     1136 Yampa Street
     Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487

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     Steamboat Springs, CO, 80477

Phone Number: 970-879-8484
Fax Number: 970-879-2233
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