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In 1993, a young engineering student and bike aficionado set out to do what many had tried before him ― to build the perfect bike. From the onset, he did things differently, combining aerospace-inspired methods and materials with the passion for fine craftsmanship he had inherited from his Italian ancestors. One cyclist at a time, he custom-built his offering to deliver a perfect fit and singular performance. When his creation became a company, he named it Guru, based on the bicycle’s capacity to teach life lessons and inspire.

Today, we are a diverse crew of cycling enthusiasts working hard to make a good number of bikes, each crafted one-at-a-time. Everything we produce is done out of our headquarters located just outside Montreal (Québec), Canada—a city that represents the gateway to Europe in North America and a capital of the global aerospace industry. Our approach to making bikes is based on combining the best of both worlds: cutting edge technology delivered by hand and with an old school attention-to-detail.

Quite honestly, we'd rather build exceptional bikes than talk about ourselves. We would love to make one just for you.
Why Guru

We are the evolution of custom
Our fundamental distinction versus other bike companies is based on our origins and lies in our unique capacity to deliver the best of
both worlds, hand-crafted and high-tech custom

We believe a bicycle is more than a piece of equipment.

It is the ultimate interface between man and the road, one that should feel like a natural extension of your body. That’s why we custom craft our frames based on individual rider specifications. From carbon layup and metal welding to final clear coat, we do it all ourselves in our ultra-modern facility based in Montreal, Canada. That allows us to sweat every detail with one goal in mind: to make you the perfect bike. The one that will unleash your full potential as a cyclist.

For us, custom is not an exercise in vanity or luxury–it’s all about precision serving performance. Contrary to other custom builders, we go way beyond made-to-measure geometry to produce some of the most technologically advanced bicycles in the entire industry. Our composites program, in particular, pushes the boundaries of custom manufacturing: From F.E.A.-perfected, seamless frame designs that take full advantage of carbon fiber’s tensile properties to a proprietary molding process that generates singular, monocoque parts with an exceptional fiber-to-resin ratio, the list of home-grown innovations goes on.

Our operations are based in a cycling-crazy city that happens to be a hotbed of aeronautical technology and expertise. Accordingly, our products are engineered to the latest aerospace standards in order to deliver the purest, most powerful ride you have ever experienced.

Ultimately, our promise is simple: we’ll craft you a singular bike that will have you flying faster on two wheels. You don’t have to take our word for it; just ask someone who owns a Guru.

Praemio: Fully customizable, 100% titanium frame.
The Custom Advantage

Every human body is different. Beyond height and inseam length, when you take into account elements such as weight, relative flexibility, muscular development, fitness level, training conditions and objectives, you end up with a unique set of needs for each cyclist.

If you are mass producing bikes, you make abstraction of these differences and treat every rider like a number. Why? Because you have no choice when you don’t know who’s going to end up riding your product. In the case of the road cyclists illustrated below, that number would be a stock 56:

Each can be retro-fitted to the same basic frame using stem lengths, head tube spacers and/or saddle adjustments. These adjustments, however, can result in handling issues, high speed wobbling or a shift in weight distribution that negatively affects overall performance. Different body types, different potential, different goals…the same bike? We don’t think so.

At GURU, we believe a high performance bike should be made to fit the individual—not the other way around. Our first-hand experience making bikes for thousands upon thousands of individuals has taught us that cycling performance is a dynamic, multivariate phenomenon
that balances out a number of key characteristics. And that every cyclist has an ideal “soul mate” when it comes to optimizing that performance. Based on a rider’s specific morphology and story, we design and hand-craft a custom bicycle that unleashes the full potential of that individual.

It’s not the easiest way to make a bike, but it produces something special. A bicycle that acts like a natural extension of your body, perfectly suited and absolutely balanced. A bike that’s designed to make you go faster than you have ever gone before.
Delta Ti, Tailored Titanium

Rider-tuned tubing: the capacity to go beyond made-to-measure geometry to customize the ride characteristics of your dream bike. We do titanium our own way in order to make you a one-of-a-kind riding partner that will withstand anything you can dish out:
     Aerospace-grade, seamless titanium tubing lays the foundation to a superior ride quality.
     Precision milling consistently delivers tubes that are perfectly cut to size, leading to a superior weld quality and alignment.
     Painstaking purging of tubes, executed at the right pressure, generates a 360° weld integrity with no contamination (inside or out).
     Proprietary welding technique, applied one millimeter at a time, results in bonds that are as enduring and precise as they are beautiful.

Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

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GURU Bicycles
2460, rue Michelin
Laval (Québec) H7L 5C3

Telephone: 450 687 6644
Toll Free: 877 755 GURU
For Eastcoast, extension 215
For Westcoast, extension 223

Fax: 450 687 8644

North America:

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