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We will manufacture any cycle you wish. That means absolutely anything, from recumbents to tricycles, from unicycles to folders, from trailers to trailerbikes. We also design and build our own folders and recumbents, as well as fitting S&S Torque Couplings.

Ben Cooper's S&S-equipped Kona

"Our demonstrator is a rather elderly and much abused Kona Cindercone, which has been fitted with BTCs for about five years. The bike has been used for commuting, offroading, jumping, etc, and almost every part of the bike has broken or worn out of all recognition. Apart from the BTCs - they are still as smooth and shiny as when I fitted them. In normal use, they are completely undetectable - there's no creaks or clunks (wish I could say that about the rest of the bike!), no flex and no loosening. My personal opinion - they are expensive, but not when compared to the cost of a decent folding bike (or the replacement cost of a new bike when the baggage handlers trash yours). They do not make your bike fold really quickly (although if you do not bother with taking out the seatpost, wheels or stem, you can get to a pretty small package in 30 seconds) but you get a real bike at the end of it - no matter what people will tell you, folding bikes always have to compromise on something."
Ben Cooper, Kinetics, Glasgow, UK

Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

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Kinetics 15 Rannoch Drive

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15 Rannoch Drive
G61 2JS

Tel/fax: +44 141 942 2552

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