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Our mission is to bring to the world economically priced bikes which offer a quality of design which comes from attending to the demanding needs of custom bike buyers.

Gunnar's Custom Frame Program.

When you need a really special friend!

While the stock design Gunnars work for nearly everybody, some people have special needs and desires which deserve a custom response. The Gunnar custom program is designed to accomplish just that.

Custom Paint

Stock Gunnars come in two of the four colors in the Standard Gunnar Palette: Labrador Black, True Blue, Ruff Red and Snow Yellow. If you want a standard Gunnar color on a bike that doesn't get it, then we'll give you the alternative color for an extra $75.

Let's say you want some other color, then we'll give your bike a Waterford-class finish using Waterford's full color palette for an extra $250. That also lets you add even more special features like fades, panels and other special stylings, complete with clearcoat over decal. We'll even paint your name or message on your bike for an extra $25!

By the way, just because you can order any color and special effect doesn't mean you should! For example, avoid Waterford's Hot Metal Silver or Goldfinger since these colors don't look as good on TIG welded bikes.

Team MicroSupreme Colors: The three-color team "Bow Shock" paint job looks great. It means a retail upcharge of $350.

Custom Design Geometry

Sometimes those special needs go beyond the need for a special color. We have a program just for you. Special bosses: Should you want to add extra eyelets, rack mounts, water bottle bosses, front derailleur mounts and so on, plan on a special modification charge of $250 plus the cost of the modifications.

Custom geometry: When you need a special size, we produce a detailed drawing to build your one-of-a-kind bike. Then we build it the same way we do our custom Waterfords. To get a full custom Gunnar, add $500 to the base price. This price not only includes the custom geo but also access to the full Waterford custom color palette as well as the modification charge for special mounts and braze-ons. The cost of special braze-ons themselves is extra.

While we have a wide range of flexibility with TIG welding and our range of Reynolds 853 tubing, we do face design limits which we can't or won't accommodate and reserve the right to reject custom orders.

S and S Couplings:

If you travel frequently and want to take your bike with you, then the S&S coupling system might be just the thing. When the bike is being built, we install couplers on the top and down tube. This lets you fit your Gunnar in a case which does not exceed airline size limits, letting you avoid extra charges. Once reassembled, you have a no-compromise ride wherever you go! Gunnar also offers cases and other accessories to complete the setup.

Models Available:


let's say you want a great cyclocross bike. But what if you want a great training bike, commuter bike, light touring or and even an occasional road race? You want a broad spectrum solution to you cycling problem! We got you prescription right in the CrossHairs!

Hot Dog

What if you just want to go FAST? The Hot Dog will get more juices flowing that the ones in your stomach! It's got fast, sure handling and great fit. It provides a foundation for great road racing from Juniors to Masters.

Rock Hound

What do ya want in your mountain bike? Something tough as nails, light as a feather and handles like a dream, Sounds like a Rock Hound to me!

Street Dog

Ahhh! Sweet simplicity! In a world all to willing to insulate you with gadgets and geegaws, the Street Dog stands out as a path to a simpler more direct touch with the world around you and , perhaps more importantly, your self!


Single Speed.......Simple, Sweet and Tough!

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We sell frames and complete bicycles.

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Contact Information:

Gunnar Cycles
816 W. Bakke Ave.
Waterford, WI 53185

Phone: 262.534.4190 
Fax: 262.534.4194

(c) 2000 Waterford Precision Cycles, Inc.

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