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Gallus Cycles was born of a passion for cycling along with an appreciation for the bicycle as both an efficient machine and an object of beauty. In respect for the craft, and of the customer/cyclist, we will part with no bicycle that does not meet our high commitment to quality.

Although several great custom frame builders exist, the vast majority of bicycles are still produced overseas. These mass-produced models overlook the needs of individual cyclists, while differing little from each other except for the decals and paint scheme.

Gallus Cycles was launched to make comfortable, unique and soulful frames one at a time. It seeks to help preserve, promote and further the traditions of handmade bicycle frame building in the United States before the market is all but lost to the global economy.

While costing more than some foreign assembled frames, we believe the quality, fit and one-of-a-kind nature of our frames more than offset any added expense. Every effort is made to source materials domestically, thereby minimizing environmental impact and promoting U.S. products, in contrast to foreign frames and bicycles transported from half a world away.

Jeremy Shlachter is Gallus

Jeremy's real fascination with cycling and bikes didn't happen until he began college. He started college in 2001 at the University of Texas. Once he moved to Austin, he immediately sold his car(still car free by the way), as he found it was much easier and pleasant getting around town on his bicycle.  The following year he moved to Scotland to attend the Mackintosh School of Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art. His bike provided a great way for him to discover my new home. During his second year, he managed to get a job as a bicycle courier. During his messenger period, Jeremy's love for bikes and cycling continued to grow. Though he enjoyed learning about architecture and the design process, he could see that his true passion was in cycling. He also found that he did not enjoy sitting in front of a computer all day, but preferred crafting things by hand. He made the decision to combine his passion for cycling, love of making things and his knowledge of the design process to begin building bicycle frames.

After five years in Scotland, he returned to the United States at the end of 2006 to pursue frame building. He first attended the Yamaguchi Frame Building School in Colorado and built a track frame under the tutelage of the legendary frame builder Koichi Yamaguchi, onetime U.S. Bicycle Team builder.

Afterward, he set up his workshop in his hometown, Fort Worth, Texas. About 18 months later, he sought to refine his skills from another master frame builder, Doug Fattic of Niles, Michigan. After a formal course, Doug invited him to stay on and assist at his shop for a few weeks(while Jeremy picked his brain for any and all frame building know how), and then two-month stint as a volunteer builder for Fattic's Ukraine Bicycle Project. While in Ukraine, he helped complete more than 50 bicycle frames for social workers, educators and church pastors.

In January 2009 Jeremy officially established Gallus Cycles as a handmade bicycle company.

S and S Couplings
Frame Components:

Nearly every component or piece of the frame can be individually chosen to meet the needs or desire of the cyclist. The design process begins when the type of bike is established, followed by an extensive fitting process. This incorporates both the collection of physical data of the cyclist's body structure along with his/her preferred riding style and how they want the frame/bicycle to ride.
Track dropouts

Frame materials:

All frames are made from steel. Tubing can be chosen from True Temper, Columbus, Deddaccia, and Reynolds. Tubing can also be made from a blend of the different companies in order to achieve a particular ride quality or "feel." The custom nature of a handmade bicycle allows for the selection of each individual tube to best suit the needs of the specific rider.

Lugged and fillet brazed head tubes
Construction methods:

The cyclist can chose from either lugged or fillet brazed construction. Lugs are available from Henry James, Pacenti, Long Shen, and Llewelyn Bicycles. Lugs are joined by silver. After brazing, the lugs are then filed and thinned during the finishing process to reduce stress on the joints and to produce a more elegant appearance. Fillet brazing uses brass and is then filed smooth to produce a "seamless" joint between the tubing.
Bicycles or frames:

We like to make fully assembled bicycles whenever possible. Components from nearly every major company are available. Since the bicycle is a culmination of its individual parts, and only functions perfectly when all work in unison, the choice of components can play a major role in the design of the frame. It is best to have as many of the parts available during the design and building stages of the frame. This also provides a benefit to the customer since components can be secured more cheaply when purchasing a frame, rather than ordered from a local bike shop.

S&S Coupled fixed gear cross bike
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