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Passion, experience and pride – these things define the Enigma brand, these along with a fervent desire to show the world how good British manufacturing can be. Our experience comes from a dedicated team of British craftsman with decades of knowledge of lightweight bicycle design. Years spent designing, building, and riding the world’s finest lightweight bikes and components. Our pride and passion is in the work we do and the products we produce. We are proud to be producing world class British products to sell to the world.

We work only in two metals, titanium and steel, both of which we believe are true alternatives to carbon fibre. Both materials have a classic appeal and a timeless quality but also ride characteristics that can outperform and outshine the very best. A beautifully handcrafted Enigma frame can offer so much more than something that is simply turned out of a mould on a mass production basis and is therefore identical to thousands of others. We like to think that each of our frames imparts something of the soul of our team within it. But please don’t just take our word for it, take some time to read some of the magazine test reviews to see what some of the world’s most respected bike testers think of our bikes. Take the time as well to read some of the unsolicited comments from many of our customers.

Praise of this kind however is no accident. Although we know that our chosen materials are the best for lightweight bicycle building with qualities like no other, this is only half the story. Good design is paramount to getting the very best from a frame and it is in the design area that Enigma have unrivalled experience. There is nothing mass produced about an Enigma frame and this is what makes our bikes so special.

Enigma, British and proud of it!


Every bespoke enigma frame is designed entirely from scratch by Mark Reilly and with his wealth of knowledge the perfect balance of weight, stiffness and comfort are achieved. Tube shapes and diameters are dialled into designs depending on rider height and weight and indeed the type of discipline. Customers own views on aesthetics are taken on board; level top tubes, compact, integrated head tubes, curved stays, dropout design, all can be chosen, a true bespoke experience, its your frame personalise it.

Full CAD (computer aided design) drawings are made of every frame before production commences to ensure accuracy. We also use FEA (finite element analysis) to find out how a frame flexes and if there are any hidden stress risers, with FEA stresses and flex can be tuned to achieve better longevity and comfort.

lab Enigma Titanium frames come finished bright brushed as standard, but we can customize this in many ways. The finish on an Enigma frames is very labour intensive but worth every minute we lavish upon it. Frames are mirror polished after construction and then the brushing begins, all done by hand, no machines used, just the skill of the technician and a scotch brite pad. Hours later and we have the finished article, a deep lustrous finish few other brands can achieve, classy, understated and very resilient.

Custom options include, bead blasting, mirror polishing, etched or mirror polished logos and fully custom designed paint schemes or if you have any ideas we would be pleased to turn those into reality.
ETHOS Touring

Our new steel beauty with ultimate versatility in mind the Ethos is handcrafted in our Sussex workshop from a selected mix of Columbus Life tubing. (shown here with the S&S Coupling option)

S and S Coupling after installation in a frame tube

Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

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Enigma Titanium Limited
Unit 11
Westham Business Park
Eastbourne Road
East Sussex
BN24 5NH

Telephone UK: 01323 741807
Telephone International: +44 1323 741807
FAX: 01323 743 809

Jim Walker: jim@enigmabikes.com
Mark Reilly: mark@enigmabikes.com

Enigma Titanium Limited

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