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Drew Guldalian, Builder and Designer
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A love of the bicycle is at the heart and soul of Engin Cycles. Our mission is to build bicycles that appeal to people both as a work of craft and as a machine that can be ridden and ridden often.

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One at a time

Each bicycle is built one at a time with a specific rider in mind. People are different, so each frame is different. Design, fit, tubes, construction method and aesthetics are all taken into consideration when building your bicycle.

If you choose to have us build your new bicycle, our passion for the craft and sport will be apparent in every detail...and you will have the pleasure of riding a bicycle unique to you.

Drew Guldalian, Builder and Designer



Steel is our primary material of choice. It allows almost limitless design and has a great ride quality that is used as the benchmark for all other materials. The current tubing being made for bicycles is at an all time high for quality and strength to weight ratio. We use tubing from True Temper, Reynolds, Dedacciai, Columbus and other aircraft quality material. There is no one magic tubeset and each bike can have tubes from one or all the above manufacturers. The process of designing the bike includes using the correct tubing diameter, butt profile and gauge, the end goal is a lifetime frame that is made light and strong.

Stainless Steel

The use of Reynolds 953 stainless tubing is available but requires the lugs made from scratch. It is our signature design and we are very proud of the fact that this bicycle has won "Best Off Road" at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

953 stainless
"Best Off Road" at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show

Carbon  Fiber

We also offer steel/carbon combo bicycles with tubing made for us by Edge Composites. These designs are not available in all categories. The carbon allows us to make a frame that has a very unique ride while maintaining the "soul" of a steel bicycle.

Construction methods

We are not limited to any one form of construction. We TIG weld, fillet braze and custom make lugs. If you browse our gallery, you will see that this versatility allows us to mix all of the joining methods in one bicycle and enables us to utilize different types of construction to our and your advantage. We feel our process is strong and effective and always takes you, the end user, into consideration.
TIG welded

Fillet brazed



Fabrication Process 





Every bicycle is made one at a time for the end user and each bicycle is unique. Bicycles can be tig welded or fillet brazed, and often a combination of the two joining methods is used. Options include made from scratch lugs and Reynolds 953 tubing. Another option is a combo of steel lugs with carbon tubes made for us by Edge Composites. All bicycle orders include the option of a fork, stem and seatpost that will get built and painted with the frame, completing the concept of a tailor-made bicycle.
Off-Road Bicycles

This category has a rich history, and we aim to continue it. Most of our mountain bikes are built using the 29 inch wheel platform, but other wheel sizes are available. The idea is to get the largest roll over capacity while maintaining the best fit for your size and style.

In 2008, one of our lugged 953 singlespeeds won "Best Off-Road" at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Portland, OR. Our mountain bikes have been featured in magazines like Mountain Bike, Men's Journal, Dirt Rag, Mountain Bike Action and others.

Single speed 29er

All-Road Bicycles (cross)

Cyclo-cross is new for some, but has long been a big part of the Mid-Atlantic cycling scene. No form of bike racing has had more effect on our love of cycling than cross. Our cyclo-cross bike is a pure race bike with defined goals. Perfect fit, unique design and no extras to make the bike cluttered and heavier. The integrated seat mast keeps the bike simple and clean. It helps on those unfortunate days when you re-mount with less finesse and need a post that will not slip. This category is only sold as a complete frameset including frame, fork, stem and integrated post.
Road Bicycles

A huge category with tons of options. This bike can be anything from a weekend light touring bike to a full-blown race bike to a bicycle built for two. Carbon tubes with steel lugs to a full fillet brazed bicycle. Fenders, racks, long reach calipers, singlespeed dropouts... Lots of options but all of our road bikes have one thing in common, FIT. It is very important the bike handles the way you need and fits your body the way it should.
City-Road Bicycles

The city bike is a unique option. Only one city bike is made per year as it takes lots of time and can disrupt the production of the other bikes. The 2009 version won "Best City/Utility Bicycle" at the Cirque du Cyclisme in Leesburg, VA.

Complete Bicycles

Every Engin bicycle is available as a complete bike with professional assembly. Handbuilt wheels using the rims and hubs of choice are also available. We strongly recommend this option as wheelbuilding is one of our specialties; we feel the handbuilt wheels are the final complement to the tailor-made bicycle.

Products and services available utilizing S and S Couplings / BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

Standard frames

Custom frames

Retrofitting services

Construction methods

Frame materials

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Engin Cycles
7837 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Phone: 215.248.2829
Email: drew@engincycles.com

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