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High Quality Hand-Built Frames...One At A Time.

At DeSalvo Cycles we use only the finest tube sets and parts available. We like to involve the customer in the process of designing their bicycles. If it is a semi-custom frame, then you are the one designing the finish. 
You pick the color of your dreams for a standard finish or go wild with the design if you want a personalized touch. For a full custom frame, we involve the customer even more to accommodate his or her personal riding style and body size. We look forward to talking with you about your riding needs.

Steel frames

When it comes to frame materials, nothing can match the history or aura of steel. To this day, steel remains one of the best riding materials around, creating a frame you'd swear is not only alive, but reading your mind. Light, stiff, lively, resilient: a steel frame is one that leaves you smiling and ready for more. It's hard to outperform steel when it comes to value, and DeSalvo Cycles steel frames are the result of the best marriage of workmanship and material to be found, at a price that leaves the same impression as the ride. 

At DeSalvo Cycles we build our steel frames from only the finest tube sets available from Columbus and True Temper. Each tube set is chosen to give you the best possible ride for the given application. Some of our frames utilize a mix of tubing where we've found it beneficial to enhance the ride qualities of the frame. 

The dropouts and braze-ons found on DeSalvo Cycles frames are also only the best available. For dropouts we choose from Ritchey or Breezer on our multi-speed bikes and Paul or Sub 11 for the single speeds. Our cantilever bosses are the three-piece style from Paragon Machine Works. 

Titanium frames

If you are searching for the ultimate frame material, look no further than titanium. Titanium offers an amazing strength-to-weight ratio and superb corrosion resistance to produce a light, resilient frame that will last a lifetime. At DeSalvo Cycles we take pride in producing beautiful titanium frames. To build these frames we use only the finest U.S. made tubing and frame fittings, chosen specifically for their high quality and precise tolerances. 

Such materials paired with meticulous TIG welding and attention to detail at every step leads to the creation of a masterpiece. It's almost a shame to get one of these dirty, but you will; for as nice as they are to look at, DeSalvo Cycles titanium frames are even nicer to ride. 


All our steel frames are powder coated to increase the durability of the frames. DeSalvo Cycles exclusively uses Spectrum Powder Works because of their versatility and attention to detail. The price includes a single color powder coat with painted on logos. 

If you would like to be more creative, you can design your own - from flames to daisies to dragon flies to ??? The price will vary depending on number of colors and amount of detail involved. We are happy to give you an estimate if you give us a description of your idea. 

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DeSalvo Custom Cycles
292 Van Ness Ave.
Ashland, OR 97520

Phone: 541-621-8408 

* ‘Semi-custom’ is what we call our steel production bikes. We prefer to use the term semi-custom because although we have made the geometry and sizing decisions for you, there are some final choices you will make to give your bike a personal touch.

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