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Dekerf Cycles was founded through the uniting of two passions, the first being a passion for building things by hand. By this we mean the bringing together of traditional hand skills, with modern equipment, and innovative designs. The second passion is for riding bicycles. We believe there is no substitute for gaining appreciation for what our customers want in a bike frame, than by passionately riding one ourselves. These two passions, building and riding, are the foundation of Dekerf Cycles.

We make each Dekerf frame here in our Vancouver factory. Right from cutting the tubes, to applying the paint, and putting them in a shipping box, we take the kind of pride and care that cannot be achieved in a mass produced frame. We also believe in the idea that it's important for smaller companies like ours to exist and build domestically made products instead of farming it out to the lowest bidder with the cheapest labor and lowest environmental standards. When you buy a Dekerf, you're buying a product you can keep for a lifetime, not throw out or need to be upgraded next year. You're also buying something that's beautiful, which is something we need more of in this world. Buy a Dekerf, ride it, keep it, and love it! See you on the trails.

Interview: Chris Dekerf By Marcus Farley

A sampling of the Dekerf frames:


One of the advantages of building frames by hand one at a time is the ability to customize your Dekerf frame. Although we publish stock sizing that will fit most people, we still offer full custom sizing options. If you would like your frame to have a slightly longer top tube or shorter head tube for example, for a small upcharge, that is all available. In addition, all of our mountain hard tail frames are available in a 29R option for a small upcharge. And of course you can choose whether you would like your frame fitted with Disc brake mount, or V-brake mounts, for no extra charge.

Dekerf Solitare (Single Speed)

The Solitaire features a classic 853 tube set, our trademark wishbone and a custom-machined Dekerf alloy seat post clamp. This 'Diamond for the rough' is also available with our new 'Tuning fork' option.
Dekerf Team SST

Though the Concorde has been grounded, the SST will keep you flying down the singletrack in a fashion to which you will enjoy becoming accustomed. This frame is the fourth version of our flagship steel XC hard tails. From the 'Team' of the early 90's, through the 'Team SL', to the 'Team 853', tried and true steel bikes have been the mainstay here at Dekerf Cycle Innovations. Our Team SST is no exception to that tradition. This Team is fabricated from the latest iteration of Reynolds custom-drawn and butted 853 chrome manganese air-hardening Size-Specific Tubes, hence SST. Our flagship Team SST frames combine the best features of previous models like: our trademark wishbone, machined head tube and downtube gusset, with several new ones like the 'zip' style mounting for disk brakes and a custom machined Dekerf seat post clamp.

Dekerf Ubique 853 Touring

'Ubique', Latin for "everywhere"; which is where you'll be able to go with this custom 853-tubed touring frame. Kitted out with: relaxed geometry; supple steel; 3 sets of bottle cage mounts; fender and rack mounts; the Ubique is the trusty steel steed for your next tour-de-force. Soldier on!
Dekerf Prodigy Road and Cross

The Prodigy Road and Cross available in both Ti and 853 Steel; bestowed with: light weight; aerodynamic tubing; responsive handling; and aggressive geometry, these frames are ideally suited for road, time - trial or triathlon duties.
Dekerf Elysium (titanium)

Elysium - 'Heaven' to the Roman (and roamin') Legions. This custom-drawn titanium frame is Nirvana for the cross-country purist. Built one at a time, by Chris, to order in our Vancouver fabrication facility, each frame is constructed from 3/2.5 American titanium (not "chitanium", like so many others), and custom Paragon Machine Works BB shells and 6/4 drop-outs. These works of rideable art also feature a unique 6061 Al and titanium version of Dekerf's famous interlocking monostay/wishbone design and have a hand-brushed finish. Formidable, lightning quick, all-conquering...Illegitimae Non Carborundum... Hail, Caesar!


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Paint  Options

We are famous for our stenciled 'Toxic flames' job, and our 'BC High Test' paint job.


Stock and Custom Colors

Because we mix all our own colours in-house, we can offer over 30,000 different colours!
We can mix any colour under the sun!
This includes a variety of effects available such as candy colours, metallics, kameleon colours, flats, or pearls.
Our in-house paint department prides itself on providing custom paint options limited only by your imagination.

Sampling of stock colors


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We sell frames and complete bicycles.

We sell and complete bicycles only.

We sell frames only.

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Contact Information:

Dekerf Cycle Innovations Ltd.
Unit 160 5900 #6 Road
Richmond, B.C.
Canada V6V 1Z1

Phone: +1(604) 241-1143

Dekerf Cycle Innovations Ltd.

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