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With a commitment to design function over normality, we take a "drawing outside the chalkboard" approach to designing and specing our tandems. The end result is a bike that is stiff , light, comfortable, responsive, shifts like a single bike, has a range of gears all tandem teams dream of, and you can each coast when you please. Due to an overwhelming response to our Independent Drive tandem we searched out some of the best welders and machinists in the industry and started da Vinci Designs to hand build tandems designed around the independent coasting drivetrain. Using proven geometry, and the highest quality hand picked tubes, we are confident that our frames rate with the best high end tandems in the industry. We have hand selected every component on the bike for strength, function, and weight.


da Vinci Designs tandem frames are hand crafted with quality materials. We hand-pick every tube using various suppliers and tubing manufactures. We even have some tubes custom made to meet our requirements. Take a look at the rear bottom bracket area. It would be less expensive to miter the lateral tube directly into the rear seat tube instead of mitering for the rear seat tube bottom bracket and bottom tube, but the ride would be compromised.


What good is a great bike if it does not fit? We offer seven unsuspended frame sizes to provide a perfect fit for most teams, and custom frames for those who need it. Our road and unsuspended offroad frames are interchangeable, the angles and tire clearance are the same. The differences between our road and offroad frames are in the height of the top tube. Short legs and long torso, or long torso and short legs, no problem we'll be sure to fit you.


Aside from the benefits of the Independent Coasting, you will find that da Vinci Designs tandems are the most comfortable, fast, precise, agile, and stable tandems you will experience. Customers tell us their da Vinci rides more like a single than any other tandem they have ridden. We attribute the ride quality to the race proven geometry, large diameter tubing, careful placement, laser straight alignment, and flawless construction.

Joint Venture & Global Venture Road
Joint AdVenture & Global Venture Offroad

This is our top of the line series tandems, boasting the highest quality components to be found on any bicycle. When we set out to build the best tandem in the industry we tested every component that would hold up to tandem abuse. The result was boxes of discarded components , several new components in our own line, and the finest tandem money can buy. Global Models have (6) S&S Couplers to fit into the 26" X 26" S&S Suitcases.


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da Vinci Designs
2145 So. Platte River Dr.
Denver, CO 80223

Phone: US & Canada 800-873-3214, Local & International 303-936-1241
Fax: 303-934-4915
e-mail: davinci@teamspirit.net

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