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Where We Came From

Welcome to our web site. 2003 marks the 30th anniversary of Davidson handbuilt bicycles. The driving force all these years has been Bill Davidson's philosophy that there is always a better way and we will find it. This guiding principle has been continually shown by the development of new frame materials, frame components and techniques. For more than a quarter of a century, Bill Davidson has made numerous contributions to extending the state of the art of framebuilding. During these last 30 years we have built over 5000 frames. This number reflects the necessary experience to build a great bicycle and yet each frame can receive the personal hands-on treatment that only a craftsman can give.

Where We Are Going

At Davidson Bicycles two things are critical: We expect the frame that we make for you will fit you perfectly. Next, the bicycle we build up from that frame will ride, handle and perform exactly as you imagined it would. For us this is the ultimate measure of our success. We have spent our first thirty years learning a little bit more from each of our customers, to the point where we think we deliver the best bicycle our customers could possibly purchase.


Why buy a Davidson?

We're about bikes and riders. Its that simple. You're going to get a bike that is perfect for you. It will be made from the world's best materials. Craftsman cyclists will build it. An FAA certified welder will weld it. It will be painted, polished or maybe plated to a brilliant finish that you choose. This bicycle will represent our 30 year commitment to constructing state of the art bicycles. It's going to fit you perfectly and fit matters, so get fit.

S and S Coupled Davidson

Dreaming about exploring the world on your bike? S & S Couplings allow you to disassemble and pack a full size touring bike into a suitcase.


Responsive ride -- the same as a one-piece frame. 
Easy disassembly and reassembly. No readjustments necessary. 
Just as strong and rigid as a one-pieces frame. 

S and S Couplings on a Davidson titanium frame

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We sell frames and complete bicycles.

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Contact Information

Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles
2116 Western Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

Phone: (206) 441-8144 or (206) 441-9998
Fax: (206) 441-1815
E-mail: info@davidsonbicycles.com

(Please include your phone number in your e-mail. We are better at returning phone calls)

Davidson also has a retail store in Seattle called Elliott Bay Bicycles.

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