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Committed to excellence, addicted to bicycles!

Our "CyclArtists" have been doing elaborate custom finishes and accurate restorations since 1976. We are design consultants to many top builders and a source for collectors. The majority of our work is simple refinishes for cyclists who recognize that most paint and chrome wear out long before frames do. We like the practicality of basic refurbishing, but are passionate when our skill and creativity is tested by a detailed restoration, creative custom or functional fine art. To CyclArtists, the bicycle is at once the noblest of machines and a vehicle of expression. We rely on customer satisfaction to bring more work, not big advertising. Our pricing reflects the time of skilled craftsmen, best available materials, extreme attention to details of your order & full compliance with environmental and safety concerns inherent in metal finishing. In this industry like most, you get what you pay for. Our efficiency, experience & dedication make a difference. For example, even on our economy finish we check frame alignment and integrity. Lightweight frames are easily damaged by improper paint preparation or powder coating. CyclArt's unique process yields extreme durability and will outlast most components of your bicycle. Our experience includes repair or refinishing of aluminum, carbon and titanium frames and components. Protect your investment!

CyclArt makes old bikes better than new!


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1930 to 1984 Lightweight bikes, parts & literature. Racing, touring, city & track. Especially: Herse, Singer, Masi, Legnano, Bianchi, Hurlow, Hetchins, & Claude Butler.

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CyclArt Inc.
2590 "A" Pioneer Avenue
Vista CA 92083

Phone: 760-599-1015 or 800-529-2527
Fax: 760-599-1017


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