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Curtlo cycles is a custom bicycle frame manufacturer based in Winthrop, WA. We build road, mountain, tandem, cross, you name it. From basic frames, to one of a kind frames and bicycles, if you want something made just for you, Curtlo is where it's at.

What makes a Curtlo a Curtlo? Doug. That's it.
For over 20 years Doug Curtiss has been crafting Curtlo frames one at a time. Steel is his favored metal of choice, but he has dabbled in Easton Aluminum from time to time (remember the Viper). A few years ago the now defunct Bicycle Guide magazine summed up Doug's experience: “Technically, Curtlo Cycles came into being around 18 years ago, when Doug was still in college. Although no official company existed back then, Doug built his first bike as a solution to the problems that he and his riding partner - who were both big guys - were having with the quality and fit of the bikes they were forced to choose from. Back then, riding was a priority for Doug. And after college, he put in as many as 15,000 miles a year, including four cross-country journeys and a four-month trip through Europe. Doug certainly has the miles in his legs to offer some expert advice as to what might work when it comes to designing and building bikes.”


It his hard to describe the "feeling" of riding a custom, hand-built bike, but there is a difference. The vast majority of riders out there get used to a three-sizes-fit-all mentality, and probably ride on frames that could fit their body and style better. This is where Curtlo Cycles comes in. There is no big production line, no trillion dollar bike-machines, only Doug and his torch.

From traditional steel mountain hardtails, to single speed, road, cyclo-cross, 29", and whatever else you desire - we can build it! Our strength is the ability to build a frame exactly the way you want it. Disc tabs, full suspension, tandems, braze-ons, touring bikes, foldable bikes, you name it.

Frame jig

Each frame we build is custom fit to the rider
Each year we refine and tweak every element of our frames, from something as seemingly unimportant as drop-outs, to incorporating the newest brand of tubing. Most long-time riders who have ridden hand-made, custom steel frames know the truth. There is something that gets transferred from the builder, through the torch, right into each frame built. While it is probably easier to walk into your local shop and buy a "big brand name" bike off the showroom floor, what you are missing can mean the difference between pure enjoyment, and just a decent ride.

At Curtlo cycles, how a bike FEELS is everything, and the best way to get the ultimate feel is to have a bike that fits properly. Each frame we build is custom fit to the rider, plain and simple. And, you will be surprised when you see how much a custom hand made Curtlo frame costs compared to a bike that was probably made by a machine. When you figure in the unbelievable deal on a full bike parts kit, your total bike price can be actually CHEAPER than the alternative. Check out our site, and contact us to talk about how we can get you on your dream bike. You won't get a sales person sitting in some fancy office, you will most likely get Doug Curtiss, the man with the torch.

Fillet brazed head tube

To some people bicycle frames made of steel, any kind of steel are "old school". While it is true we have been building frames from steel for almost two decades, our frames are decidedly NOT "old school"..

Fillet brazed bottom bracket

Doug's personal S and S Coupled 29er

This particular bike is my personal EPIC 29er. The bike is set up with an Action Tec Pro Shock with 60mm travel in the front and a 25mm travel, soft tail rear end. The drive train is set up with the Rohloff Speedhub. Remarkabley, the big wheels, 22" frame with 26.5" top tube fits nicely into the S&S Travel Case.

Color change at the coupling

Click for a larger image and frame details

Click for a larger image and frame details

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Curtlo Cycles
P.O. Box 1010
Winthrop, WA 98862

Phone: 509-996-8266
e-mail:  doug@curtlo-com

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