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Concept Technology custom road or mountain bike framesets (solos or tandems) are built on the philosophy that cycling frees us from the every day grinds of life. Affordable, high-quality bicycles let riders express their freedom! Whether it be hammering down a mountain side, jamming with the club, relaxing through a leisurely ride, raging through a grueling race, or on your daily commute - just spin away, without a worry about the machine beneath you. Pliant frames make riders squeamish and super-stiff frames make riders bruised. The right frames make riders free. They inspire confidence and don't distract from what is important: the ride.

At Concept Technology, I hand build and fillet braze each frameset. A lot of folks make good tubing. I prefer using Ritchey or Reynolds: they provide the foundations for frames that obey the rider on command. Concept Technology frames have longer chainstays for a more forgiving ride, stiffness in key areas, and tube selection which puts the metal where it ought to be for a smooth, silky ride. I prefer the elegance of lugs, but can't argue against the clean lines of a lugless frameset if that's what you want. And vertical dropouts, they make sense. But so do track drop outs sometimes. You get what you want. Also, if you're paying for a custom frameset, it should fit whether you're a man or woman, racer, recreational, commuter, gonzo-abusive, retro-grouch, or what-have-you rider. Fitting the rider is the first design criteria at Concept Technology.

There is a lot of hoopla about what material makes the best frames. Don't let the hype fool you. Whatever you like, that's the right one. You can argue stiffness, strength-to-weight ratios, Ti-this, Al-that, carbon-fiber blah, blah, blah . . . until the cows come home. As a mechanical engineer, I will tell you that a good frame can be made out of any of these materials. Concept Technology framesets are dialed in, utilizing the right combination of hi-tech, hi-strength steel alloy tubing that makes you want to get out and ride. At the hi-end, a combination of Reynolds 853 and Ritchey Logic Prestige promises an uncompromising ride that will carry you as far as your legs can take you, and more importantly, leave you ready for the next ride.

So if you just have to have one of those non-ferrous material frames, go for it-there are some great ones out there. But a Concept Technology frameset or bicycle can give you the ride you've been looking for at a price that won't have you sacrificing your freedom (or working two jobs).

* In case you're wondering, the Chinese character in the center is "Zhang", my Chinese surname. It is my father's calligraphy. In China, the dragon is a symbol of both power and wisdom. For generations, parents have always tried to have their children born in the year of the dragon. The dragon is a good symbol for what cycling is to me and what I try to design into my frames.

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Concept Technology
10767 Viacha Drive
San Diego, CA 92124

Phone: 858-292-4255
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