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When we started Co-Motion Cycles in 1988 we gave a lot of thought to the name and purpose of our company. "Co-Motion" can mean a lot of things, but what our name means to us is the unique relationship between people and their bicycles: Our bicycles. We want to make this bond between you and your machine stronger. By designing and building bicycles of substance, we're working hard to help you develop that spirit of teamwork whether your Co-Motion is a tandem, road bike, travel or touring bike, or a custom Co-Motion built just for you. 
We've always wanted to stir things up in the cycling industry, and we've certainly caused a Co-Motion here and there! The waves we've made haven't been just for dramatic effect. We're always working hard to improve our bicycles and to improve cycling as a whole. We invite you to take a thorough look at our entire line of bicycles and see how you can put our work to work for you. 

About Co-Motion

While most people know us as a tandem maker, we've made all kinds of bicycles from the beginning. We like to apply fine craftsmanship and practicality to everything we make. That's why S and S Machine's BTC system fits in so well with what we do. The torque couplings are precise and beautiful, and like a fine bicycle, they waste nothing in material or execution.

Our Co-Pilot Project is dedicated to the BTC system. We've designed four types of bicycles from the ground up specifically for the torque coupling system; one road model, a touring model, and two tandems. We make them in several sizes so that there's one to fit nearly anyone, at very reasonable prices. We keep them in stock, ready to paint your choice of color and ship to your nearest dealer. Custom framesets or complete BTC bikes are available as well in every configuration imaginable. Follow the link to find out more about Co-Motion Cycles and the Co-Pilot Project.

Our Tandems:

You're a team!

Whether you've owned a tandem before or are considering one for the first time, Co-Motion Cycles' renowned design philosophy will benefit you. We build tandems that handle better because we know that you want a bike that will respond positively to your input, not resist it. You can ride together on any tandem, but on a Co-Motion, you'll ride together as a team.

We work hard to help you get the most of your teamwork. Research and development never sleeps at Co-Motion Cycles and the resulting innovations have taken the tandem world by storm. Co-Motion was the first to offer S&S couplings as a standard feature, the first with a true road-ready Softride™ beam tandem, and innovator of the Tri-Lateral frame. Some of our less visible ideas, like our tubing designs, or our legendary handling characteristics, have become a part of the evolution of the tandem genre.

Co-Motion tandems' balanced head angle and fork rake combinations result in more natural steering than what is found in our competitor's tandems. If you have tried other tandem brands, you may have already found that many tandems veer awkwardly into turns, while others seem to resist handling of any kind, as though you were expected to ride straight down a freeway!

Far too often, compromises are made in tandem frames that can give tandems as a whole a bad name. A tandem that performs poorly just when you need it to behave its best will end up in your garage. That's why we have worked diligently with Reynolds UK and Easton USA to develop new tandem tubing, while continuing to improve tandem designs that are rapidly gaining acceptance as the new standard by which others are judged.

When you team up on a Co-Motion tandem, you'll be putting the fruits of our labor to work for you. In that sense, we're part of your team. We're proud to point out that we make every one of our bicycles here at our Eugene, Oregon facility. Co-Motion Cycles is a bicycle company, not a tour guide, marketing company, or a small branch of a corporate giant. We conduct business on a personal level, with a staff of great people who genuinely know and understand bicycles. Naturally, we back up our products with the best warranty around. So team up with us and we'll ride together!

Add the Co-Pilot option to your Co-Motion tandem

Co-Motion Cycles blazed a new trail for travel tandems with a brilliant 6 S&S Coupling system. Since the Co-Pilot Option tandem frames separate into 3 equally sized sections, the ultimate in packability is maintained while tandem assembly and disassembly is intelligently simplified. For example, there are no separate tubes to lose or accidentally assemble out of sequence. Another significant advantage is that there is no need to remove the fork. Plus, we strategically locate our couplings for unimpeded wrench access without knuckle-bashing interference from the chainrings. Our competitors simply overlook these details that make your packing job easier. 

No tandem maker is more thorough than Co-Motion Cycles when it comes to engineering the location of the couplings for optimum frame strength. Each coupling is fully supported where it is integrated into the butted section of our exclusive zonally-butted tandem tubing. Our large diameter bottom tube is oval at both ends and round where it joins just one large S&S Coupling. This design provides the known structural benefit of a single oversized tube as well as lighter weight and the logical simplicity and ease of handling fewer parts. And yes, the round S+S Coupling is superior to the “oval coupler” offered by another manufacturer. 

Whether you’re thinking of the Co-Pilot option for your new Primera, Mocha, Speedster or Supremo, be prepared for a pleasant surprise. The performance of the couplers is so impressive; you may end up sidelining the tandem you’re riding now. 

Our Co-Pilot Road:

The Co-Motion Co-Pilot was the first bicycle in the world to apply S&S Machine's Bicycle Torque Couplings (BTCs) as a standard feature. Since its introduction, the Co-Pilot has raised a lot of eyebrows. Not only because it is an excellent travel bike, the Co-Pilot just happens to be a great bike whether you consider its travel credentials or not.

Everything you expect from a fine road bike is part of the Co-Pilot's pedigree. From its Reynolds 725 heat-treated double-butted tubing, specially selected for ideal BTC integration, to its classic road geometry, the Co-Pilot puts a lot of highly respected traditional bikes to shame! Our standing in the bicycle industry is built on excellent cratsmanship, and the Co-Pilot's detail work is evidence of our commitment. This bicycle's solid, agile feel will make you forget that the BTCs are there, but you'll be glad they are!

Naturally, the best reason to own a Co-Pilot is that you never have to leave your passion for cycling behind when you travel. The Co-Pilot checks on as regular luggage, saving you money and hassles each time you travel. Best of all, you'll maintain your fitness and your chosen recreation while the world becomes your cycling playground.

The Co-Pilot Project:

Since 1993, the S+S Machine Bicycle Torque Coupling has revolutionized the bicycle industry and forever changed the image of travel bikes. No longer is it necessary to compromise cycling performance in order to build in packability. Substandard folding bikes with non-standard parts have become obsolete; the S+S Coupling allows a truly high performance bicycle to be disassembled and packed for travel quickly and easily in airline-checkable luggage. Our expert integration of the S+S Couplings and our specially designed Co-Pilot Project Tubing will make you forget that the Couplings are there, until it’s time to pack up your bike and go. Co-Motion Cycles was the first bicycle company in the world to offer bicycles with S+S Couplings as a standard feature. We called it the Co-Motion Co-Pilot Project. We have now expanded the Co-Pilot Project by making S+S Couplings available on any cro-moly steel Co-Motion tandem or single frame. These bikes are identifiable by the moniker, “Co-Pilot”, following their standard model name. The evolution of Co-Pilot Project represents our enthusiastic dedication to the travel bike market and the success of the S+S Coupling.

A close look at the S+S Machine Bicycle Torque Coupling reveals the expert engineering that allows the system to work so perfectly. Interlocking tapered teeth are drawn together by a threaded lockring, providing an extremely rigid joint with minimal tightening force. The extremely durable, attractive and reliable S+S Couplings used by Co-Motion Cycles are of hardened stainless steel, and are silver brazed onto the bicycle tubes. In fact, a well-made BTC-equipped bicycle frame is measurably stronger than an identical frame without Couplings. As the leading manufacturer of S+S Coupling equipped bicycles Co-Motion Cycles has the expertise to make sure that your travel bike is without equal.

Because we know you expect the best, Co-Motion Cycles uses only the original stainless steel S+S Couplings. Many other builders are now using plated or non-plated couplings made from non-stainless material, which are designed to reduce cost and speed up bicycle production. Stainless S+S Couplings assure a lifetime of flawless and corrosion-free operation. We know that once you own a Co-Pilot, you’ll want to keep it forever.


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