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ohnny Coast builds handcrafted classically designed unique bicycles created to fit you specifically.
Each bicycle is built to order, one at a time.

Beautiful, classic, true to the process.

Iím not interested in a pre-fab, one-size-fits-all, disposable culture. Iím building quality frames that will last your lifetime, using the same techniques that master builders of high end bicycles have used for ages. Because I build each frame, one at a time in my own shop, I am able to take my time with each step of the process, and put true skill and craftsmanship go into every hand-built silver-brazed frame.

Skilled craftsmanship

Skilled craftsmanship goes into every hand- built silver-brazed frame, which is tailored to suit your needs, type of riding, and dimensions. Instead of trying to fit your body to an already existing bike, I will design your frame to meet the dimensions of your body. Itís easy to make a bike that is merely rideable by anyone, but it takes talent, skill and craftsmanship to make a bike that only you can truly ride.


I was educated at the United Bicycle Institute in brazing and lugged construction. I have also studied stem building and design with master frame builder Kiochi Yamaguchi at the Yamaguchi Frame Building School, and as a result, I can design custom stems for your frame. A standard 1 inch quill stem, with a classic look built using newer technologies.

Frame Styles:

All frames can be made to suit the riders needs, style, and purpose. Have a look at these 4 styles of frames to get an idea of what best fits you.
We can make any of these general styles of frames for you if they suite you well, or we can make a hybrid to best suite your purposes and needs. Tubing selections can be made from Columbus, true temper, Deda, or even Reynolds 531 (NOS subject to avail.) Each frame is custom fit to the rider him/herself. Lug choices are wide and can be made by the customer (builder discretion applies) and can even be made into a half lug, which is a custom made lug incorporating lugged construction, and fillet brazing, giving the frame a very classy and distinct look.


Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

  • Not Available 

Custom frames and stems

  • Road
  • Radnonneur
  • Mixte
  • Track
  • City
  • Touring
    • Weeks wait:  Call us for an estimated time of delivery.

Retrofitting services

  • On all frames manufactured by any manufacturer
    • Weeks wait

Construction methods

  • Lugged
  • Fillet brazed

Frame materials

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Purchase from

  • We sell direct to consumers only.

Contact Information:

Coast Cycles
New York, New York


Phone: 646-724-1596

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