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About Bob Brown Cycles:

Bob Brown Cycles is a one-man company dedicated to creating your dream tandem or single bicycle frame. Every aspect of the framebuilding process from initial customer interaction, brazing, finishing, painting, and final assembly is carried out by myself. This ensures that every detail meets my exacting standard and that the bicycle you receive is exactly the bicycle you request. When you call or email Bob Brown Cycles, you're going to speak directly with me, not a receptionist or customer service agent.


My tandem frames are available in either lugged or fillet brazed construction depending on your needs. I am one of very few builders in the US building fully lugged tandem frames. This requires fabricating every lug on the frame by hand since off the shelf castings are no longer available for these lugs. Each lug is hand carved to match the theme of the bike, and each frame is individually unique. The process is very labor intensive, but the result is a truly beautiful one-of-a-kind tandem created to your exact specification.
Fillet brazed tandems are created with just as much attention to detail, but feature smoothly flowing hand shaped fillets at every joint. This method provides a very aesthetically appealing frame, but at a lower price than a fully lugged tandem. The quality and durability of both methods is first rate and will last for years to come.
What good is the best looking tandem in the world if it doesn't fit both riders perfectly? I design each tandem to allow both riders to be as comfortable on the tandem as they would be on their own single bikes. Often this means a much longer stoker compartment than can be found on a stock frame. I work directly with every customer to determine what will best suite your needs.

Single Bike Frames:

Bob Brown Cycles custom single bike frames offer a "the sky's the limit" approach to make your dreams reality. I offer lugged and fillet brazed frames built from the best steels available. All geometries area custom designed to fit your exact riding and fitting needs. I'm not constrained to stay within the boundaries of off-the-shelf lugs, if I need to stray from the norm to suite your needs, I will fabricate my own lugs.

Construction and Quality:

Every Bob Brown Cycles frame is constructed to the highest level of quality. Only top quality materials go into the frame including steels from Columbus, Dedacchai, True Temper, and Reynolds. Every joint is precision mitered on a vertical mill, every lug is hand filed to just the right shape and thickness. All frames (single and tandem) are tacked on my custom designed and manufactured jig to ensure accuracy of the geometry, then are aligned on a full tandem-sized alignment table. Once complete and aligned, all frames are prepped and masked right in house, then painted using only the finest Dupont finishes available. All frames receive at least 7 coats of treatment during the painting process, including two coats of clear to ensure a durable, deep lustrous finish. Painting choices are entirely up to the customer, if you can dream it, I can probably paint it.


S & S Couplers:

 S & S Couplers (BTC's) are available on any Bob Brown Cycles frame. They truly add a whole new level of utility to your new custom frame. The tremendous hassle of traveling with a tandem by air is completely eliminated with the BTC's. I have personally traveled thousands of miles on my own BTC equipped bicycles and have yet to have even the slightest amount of hassle with either the couplers, or checking the bike (including my 62cm x56cm tandem) on any airline. I highly recommend my customers consider the added convenience of adding BTC's to their custom frame, especially on tandems.


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Contact Information:

Bob Brown Cycles
8 Battle Creek Rd.
St. Paul MN 55119

Phone:  651-730-7596

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