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About Darren Baum

Darren trained and worked as a certified aircraft engineer and stainless steel TIG welder before becoming a frame builder. His cycling career began as an A grade rider before a car accident in 1990 sparked a long-term interest in how biomechanics and the bike's impact on a rider's core stability can be used to increase performance.

Darren has been a frame builder for more than fifteen years, and has developed a unique design and construction processes that allow the size, stiffness and handling of each frame to be tuned to the precise needs of individual rider needs:
Regarding Quality

All stages of manufacturing from CAD design to tube mitering and butting to painting, are completed in-house it's the only way to ensure total quality control.

We're fussy about the details, because that's what really makes the difference. We machine our own head tubes, bottom brackets and dropouts in-house to optimize the alignment, weight and stiffness of the bike, and we've developed our own processes for butting, shaping and heat-treating tubes that allow us to keep the original (and ideal) properties of the materials intact. All of our frames are painted in-house using a paint facility developed with PPG, the worlds leading supplier of high performance paints.

We select only the highest grade materials and components. Steel and titanium are both excellent materials for frames; they allow a wide range of tubes for customization, do not fatigue and provide a good feel for the road or trail. Steel has a livelier feel, titanium provides more damping and yields a slightly lighter frame.

The way we assemble your bike is the way you'd want it if you were doing it yourself. Every bolt is torqued to manufacturer's specifications, cable ends soldered, bearings checked for alignment and smoothness and each bike test ridden and washed before it leaves the factory.

Every frame comes with a lifetime guarantee: 'if it is our fault we fix it no questions asked' and we provide a low-cost rapid replacement service should your bike ever be damaged in a crash.

We still ride every day and still race, so we know how important it is to get it right from the start.

Customization means more to us than just the tube lengths and the angles of a frame or selecting the right materials.

We aim for a bike that is the best balance of speed, performance and durability by building each bike as stiff as it can be without compromising ride comfort, and shaving the weight down as far as possible for the individual rider and their intentions for the bike.

The only way we can do this properly is by engineering the bike around the rider:

Biomechanics: the frame, cranks and handlebars have to be the right size and shape to optimize your riding position under all conditions

:  the correct blend of stiffness for your size, weight and power output, while maintaining enough comfort for long rides and rough road surfaces; components that complement each other and the frame

Ride and handling:
  how you want the bike to steer, how you want it to feel on the road

  classic or semi-sloping geometry, a choice of colors and designs to full custom paint

All models are available as a frame only faced, chased and ready for assembly as a frameset (frame, fork and headset), or as a complete assembled bike. All our bicycles are custom built for each individual customer. Custom bicycles immediately brings custom geometry to mind seat angle, head angle top tube length and so on but at Baum it also extends to custom tube sizes, custom tube butting, custom paint and personal parts selection. We can supply almost any combination of components for your Baum, whether you want a 29er expedition tourer to ride to Alice Springs or a super-svelte road bike for dishing out the pain in the mountains.

Products and services available utilizing BTCs.

We sell frames and complete bicycles.

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Baum Cycles
7 Seabright St
Victoria, AUSTRALIA 3214

Phone +61 3 5277 1933
Fax +61 3 5277 1688

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