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About Arvon:

Arvon Cycles are makers of custom built bicycles and other wheeled vehicles. We pride ourselves on well crafted, properly designed products that are made right for each customer.

Bicycles that Fit their Rider:

Your bicycle should fit you better than your clothes do. A proper fit on your bicycles means a more comfortable ride, it means you can deliver more power to your wheels, and ultimately it is most important to the enjoyabilty of your ride.

Whether your bike is for racing or touring, you can benefit from a bike that custom fits you. eg. Tall Riders have an especially hard time buying bikes that allow them to perform maximally. A scaled up frame, and a modified wheel base are needed for the proper fit.

Bikes can also be made to accommadate the disabled, children and shorter riders. Tandeming can be a wonderful experience for parents and children to share. Some disabled adults and children would never know the fun of bicycle riding if it weren't for Arvon's custom built family tandems. We can make a bike to suit any need or purpose you have. 

Touring Bikes:

The shortest route to the bottom line is this. Ride a tandem, smooth Eh! Ride a tandem by yourself, Unbelievable isn't it. Ride a bike that thinks itıs a tandem, this becomes even more noticeable [effective] when itıs a full loaded touring bike. Because !!! the full load is suspended between the wheels, eliminating the tail wagging the dog effect. Analogy; When you want comfort and control, you get in a long plane, a long boat, a limousine and of course an Arvon long wheelbase bike. Are we talking about a world class touring bike?........ Yes.

Doesn't a longer bike make the problem of shipping more awkward than it already is?

Only if you never heard of "S and S" Couplings. Check us out

S and S Coupled Arvon.  Click for more details.


One of the specialties of Arvon Cycles is Tandem Bicycles. Arvon's custom made tandem hubs are a feature that makes our tandem bicycles among the best available.

The Time/Triathalon Bike:

Aero bars are the tease to the end result. Aero bars on a road bike allow a change in body position, resulting in less wind resistance. Not everyone can bend parallel to the road and pedal at the same time though. If you haven't noticed, once the aero bar is in place, a rider's position wants to rotate forward around the bottom bracket.

Now the classic position of bars hiding the front wheel axle is gone. The saddle is full forward and a much greater weight is loaded on the front wheel and the general intended geometry is lost. Arvon's observation is that most time/triathalon bikes missed the critical point.

It was observed that riders would adapt to this new method and would eventually learn to steer a straight line. But even the best can't ride a true straight line and very few can corner in "the position" due to the loaded geometry.

Arvon Cycle's answer is the true time/triathalon machine: acknowledging that most events are straight line (excluding turn around) would require a taller frame. This would increase the center of gravity, so we lower the bottom bracket and lengthen the wheel base. This not only eases road fatigue but requires much less concentration for bike control, allowing the effort to be spent on speed.

The design changes are:

The length is what substitutes for the extra stem length usually added to accomplish this space. It is important because it gives the frame back it's intended geometry. A bike for this intended use wants to ride "quiet". You're riding a bike intended to go straight, smooth and fast. The 70 ° head angle allows the bike to roll over objects, not ricochet. This is much easier on your neck etc. over the long haul. The steering is more than precise, enough to aim from the elbow position.

Lets go one step further. With all the aero effects created bye the no rules of triathalon riders, who forgot the aero frame? Not Arvon!! Are you still dragging seat stays, rear brakes, cables, etc through the air?? Don't... test ride one of Arvon's latest...

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Arvon Cycles OEM
R.R. 4 Tofield
Alberta, Canada
T0B 4J0

Phone: 780-662-2842
e-mail: Arvon

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