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Building a bicycle frame starts long before the torch is lit. It starts with understanding the needs and desires of the customer. Basic fit is important, but that�s not enough. I begin with listening to the experiences that led you to me, your riding history, what your cycling dreams look like, what you want your next bike to be. My job as the designer and builder is to translate what I hear and see into a functional and beautiful bicycle. No two riders are the same, and no two bicycles need be the same.

I operate a one person custom frame building operation. Every frame I produce is completely engineered and manufactured by me. I do everything from initial measurements to material selection to each step of the building process. My background as a mechanical engineer gives me unique insight into material properties, the wide variety of available frame components, manufacturing techniques, metrology and quality � insight that is employed at every step of the process.

I enjoy the challenge of the unusual � whether that means artistic subtleties in the metalwork, frame geometry that can�t be found in a bike shop, a fascinating finish concept, or a frame for special use. At the same time I thrive on simply making beautiful and functional bicycles. Regardless of your vision, my goal is to translate it into steel in a way that will give you a lifetime of service and enjoyment.

Like you, I�m a cyclist. Over the years, I�ve had a wide variety of cycling experiences, touring, racing, and most recently, randonneuring. In 2007, I was the fourth US finisher at Paris-Brest-Paris, finishing the 762 mile event in 55 hours, 49 minutes and earning me membership in the Societe Charly Miller. I rode a bicycle I�d designed and built specially for that event.

I�m trained and certified as a bicycle frame builder by United Bicycle Institute, and I have been building frames since 1999. I work almost exclusively in steel, either lugged or fillet brazed, and I work with a wide variety of steel bicycle tubing, lugs and fittings, sourced worldwide. I have designed and built much of the precision equipment I use to manufacture top quality frames, and I design and build frame components as needed for unusual applications.

I�m also a mechanical engineer, holding a Master�s Degree from Stanford University. Specializing in Product Design, my engineering career focused around product design and manufacturing, affording me unusual insight into materials, metallurgy, design innovations, manufacturing methods, and metrology � all subjects intensely relevant to designing and manufacturing bicycle frames. I�m a holder of 12 US Patents

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Alex Meade Bikeworks LLC
41 Glazier Drive
South Glastonbury, CT 06073

Phone: (859) 351-8443

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