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Cable Splitters/Separators

Splitters aren't noticeable when installed near the bottom bracket.

Cable splitters simplify packing a bike by:

Cable Splitter Brand Comparison

Weight Diameter Length Material Finish
Easy Split Derailleur 4 Grams .312" hex 1.250"" Aluminum Anodized
Easy Split Brake 4 Grams .312" hex 1.250" Aluminum Anodized
Moneran Derailleur 5 Grams .312" 1.580" Aluminum None
Moneran Brake 8 Grams .375" 2.000" Aluminum None

Easy-Split In-line Cable Separators

Quick - Simple - Light - Reliable - Easy Installation

Standard Kit Includes: (2) Shift Cable Separators (black or silver anodized aluminum) (1) Brake Cable Separator (1) 2mm Allen Wrench

Shifter Kit Includes: (2) Shift Cable Separators (black or silver anodized aluminum) (1) 2mm Allen Wrench


Quid Pro Quos are in-line cable changers that allow derailleur cables to be halved. A threaded, quick release type barrel fastener is used at either end of a split cable. A few simple turns of the barrel separates the cable without the agony of readjusting your derailleurs!

Shifter kit includes: (2) shift cable splitters.

Brake cable splitter: (2)One brake cable splitter.

"...The Moneran people have developed a nice little piece of engineering that make a bar change extremely easy..." -Dirt Rag Magazine

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