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Around the world by bicycle

Marti Bowditch and her Bilenky Midlands touring bike

by Marti Bowditch

I'm traveling around the world by bicycle (except for the oceans - everyone always asks). My gross itinerary is North Carolina to Texas (done), Mexico, Central America, the western side of South America, New Zealand, Australia, Malay Pennisula, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, eastern China, Mongolia, to Lake Baikal in Siberia, back south through Mongolia and central or western China Nepal, and India. I don't know what I'll do about Central Asia, but I eventually plan to end up going to several countries in Europe. I'll refine my plans as I go along. Tomorrow I'll be in Presidio, Texas where I'll cross the border into Mexico heading for Copper Canyon. Anyone interested in contacting me can do so by writing me at 104361.2624@compuserve.com. I'll be glad to add anyone who wishes to my newsletter mailing list. I've been writing a trip update about every 2 months.

Close-up view of bike

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