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Digitized Ski

This photo is of a piece of wood, item B, that we machined to be used as a foundry pattern to cast an aluminum vacuum mold. The mold is used to create a plastic ski, item E in this photo (shown upside down compared to the other pieces). The original part, item A, is a steel ski that we mounted on a steel base so it could be held in a CNC machining center to be digitized. The digitized data is  converted to a CNC program but it's also expanded to make it larger to compensate for the shrink that will occur when the aluminum casting cools. 
Just to demonstrate how easy it is to modify any or all axes of the part, we did two small versions. On item C,  we kept the width close to normal while shrinking the length quite a bit. On item D, we shrunk it proportionally in all directions.

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