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Packing sequence for a Seven Cycles road bike into a 10" hard case

This sequence illustrates how a road bike with an extra long fork tube can be packed into a standard 26x26" case by removing the fork. With a threadless headset, fork removal is fast and easy.

The frame tube covers have been removed for clarity. When packing a bike for travel, it is necessary to use frame tube covers or other means of protecting the bike from damage. Also, the small items like the seat and crank were not shown in the packing sequence photos for clarity although they easily fit in.  

Photo 1 shows the fork and front triangle packed. (handlebars still attached by cables)
Having cables that will separate from the frame makes for easier packing.


Photo 2 shows the front wheel placed in cogs down. 
Be sure to position the wheel to allow the brakes to extend into the space between the spokes. 
There should be no pressure against the spokes.


Photos 3 and 4 show how the brakes fit between the spokes.

Photo 5 shows the handlebars in position. Note that the right handlebar drop is against the bottom of the case just in front of the headtube. The left drop fits between the spokes. It is necessary to first insert the drop thru the spoke opening then the handlebars are turned to their final position shown here.


Photo 6 shows the rear triangle in position.


Photo 7 shows the front wheel in place and the compression members partially installed.


Photo 8 shows how the wheel and tire overlap the rear disc brake caliper.


Photo 9 show the compression members completely installed.


Photo 10 shows how the compression members stick up above the bike.


Photo 11 is a second view of the compression member sticking up above the bike.

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