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Packing a Ryan Duplex tandem recumbent

This photo sequence illustrates how this 105" wheelbase tandem can be packed in a cardboard box that meets the UPS maximum size limit. The Box used is 58"x26"x10" and it has a combined length + girth (girth = 2W + 2T or the distance around the box the short way) of exactly 130" which is the UPS maximum shippable size.

Be sure to adequately protect tubes and components when shipping a bicycle.

Step 1
Place the two frame sections in the box with boom tube against boom tube.

Step 2

Deflate the front tire and then place the front wheel between the rear stays and front forks.

Step 3

Placed the rear wheel (inflated) with cogs up in the box then place the handle bars on top of rear wheel with the left grip between the spokes. I always use a 6" long piece of heavy garden hose that has been slit lengthwise as added protection where the hub comes in contact with the frame.

Step 4

Place the front seat over the rear wheel with the bottom edge of the seat towards the end of the box. The rear seat (with grips removed) is placed in the same manner at the opposite end. Raise the handlebars slightly if necessary to fit seat in place. Unbuckle 2 or 3 straps to allow the seats to push down far enough to close the box. All other small items and more will fit in the many open areas around the box.

A photo of an assembled Ryan Duplex tandem recumbent

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